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3 Shallow Water Rigs That Will Crush Summer Bass

3 Shallow Water Rigs That Will Crush Summer Bass

Bassin' Bill breaks down three of his favorite summer fishing rigs for targeting shallow water bass. Fish are active and hungry during the summer months when the water increases their body temperature which inevitably increases their metabolism. What does this mean to bass anglers? This mean fish are hungry and willing to eat.

Bass roam shallow water areas looking for easy meals to help fill those hungry bellies. Here are three of the best baits to use when targeting shallow water bass.

Swim Jig

Billy pairs the 10,00 Fish Yoto worm with the Googan Squad Grasshero. Billy grabs the Yoto worm and slides it up his Googan Squad swim jig. Notice that Billy rigs the Yoto Worm horizontally on the swim jig, this helps keep a minnow profile.

Chatterbait (Bladed Jig)

Billy uses the same horizontal rigging style for rigging a bladed jig. The wobbling and chattering action from a chatterbait help the Yoto Worm's tickle tail flutter and flash through the water. To fish, this looks like distressed minnow.

Texas Rig

Texas Rigging the Yoto Worm quickly proves it big fish catching abilities when Billy tosses his rig up to a shallow bank. But, did you notice what he did before that? He rigged, the bait horizontally instead of vertically like with the swimjig and chatterbait.

Like Billy, we feel that the rigging the bait horizontally, or sideways helps present a more inviting action when rigged on a Texas or Carolina Rig.

Updated July 29th, 2020 at 8:56 AM CT