Shrimp Fishing

Shrimp Lures: Breaking Down An All-Time Great Inshore Bait

The short answer to “where should I throw shrimp lures?” is “just about anywhere.” Shrimp are among the most common inshore forage you can find. Even fishing in freshwater, shrimp appear to be a tasty snack most fish love just based on their size and dangling appendages. While most fish will hammer shrimp in most situations (and most humans, if we’re being honest), it’s important to maximize your chances at success by focusing on these two factors when deciding where to tie on a shrimp imitator.

Water Clarity for Throwing Shrimp Lures

Clear water works best with shrimp imitators, simply because they are some of the most lifelike baits an inshore angler can utilize. With dangling appendages, big eyes, and a curly body, shrimp have become fairly easy for lure manufacturers to recreate. This makes them a prime candidate for clear water fishing, where predators rely on visual stimuli more than other senses. Use your most lifelike

Ideal Depths for Fishing Shrimp Lures

Shrimp Lures

Shrimp lures can be fished in just about any depth, but when predators are feeding on the bottom in shallow water, you should definitely tie on a shrimp imitator. As a matter of fact, run, don’t walk to your tackle box to make the switch! Anything less than 8 feet of water gives predators a chance to hit your bait either on the slow descent, OR while you crawl it along the bottom. This double-trouble combo means you’re primed to catch a big one!

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