Specialize One Technique Or Become More Versatile To Catch Bass?

Specialize or diversify? – To be versatile or not to be: that is the question for many of today’s bass anglers. Should you learn how to use several different lures or become a specialist with a couple of baits? The problem with this question is no clear-cut answer exists. Anglers who are specialists with a couple of lures and others who try them all both succeed on the tournament trails. Figuring out which one you want to be is a matter of personal preference.

Here are three types of anglers you can try to be to catch bass.

Specialize Or Diversify? – Style Specialist

specialize or diversify?: ExoStick Bass

Rather than master one lure, you can specialize in moving lures such as spinnerbaits, buzz baits and crankbaits for catching bass year-round. This style of fishing is best suited for spring and fall when the water temperature is in the 60-degree range and bass are aggressive. However you can also catch bass on these moving lures in the heat of summer and dead of winter by varying retrieves.

Specialize Or Diversify? – Lure Specialist

specialize or diversify? : Lake Fork Guy

Some anglers would rather stick with one or two types of lures all day than switch. Some carry rods with the same size jig tied on with different line sizes and a bigger jig with heavier line. By relying on only one of two lures, you are more apt to fish water more thoroughly. If you are fishing a bunch of different baits, you are usually jumping around and not covering the water real well. You also become more in tune with the lure and its action by fishing it exclusively rather than constantly switching to other lures.

Specialize Or Diversify? – Jack Of All Trades

specialize or diversify? : Bass Double

Some anglers believe being versatile helps them catch bass more consistently than specializing in a particular bait.

If you are versatile, when bass stop biting one lure due to changes in weather or water conditions, you can switch lures to start catching fish again. Being versatile allows you to fish anywhere on a lake because you can work power baits such as spinnerbaits or crankbaits in stained to muddy water sections or head to clear water and successfully apply finesse tactics such as drop-shotting.

To be or not to be: only you can answer that question.

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