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15 Summer Fishing Tips That Will Help Catch You More Fish

15 Summer Fishing Tips That Will Help Catch You More Fish

Here are 15 summer fishing tips to help you catch bass, trout, panfish, pike, catfish, and more. The Fishing Free For All is a private Facebook fishing club where anglers post ideas, tips, pictures, and more with an engaged group signing in from across the globe.

We posted to the FFFA group, asking over 25 thousand anglers to share their favorite ''Summer Fishing Tip" while offering prize packages to anyone who provided extra juicy advice.

Shortly after posting, the floodgates opened, and the thread was filled with tips, tactics, and techniques from anglers everywhere. There were basic tips like keeping a positive attitude or preparing for the elements but also hyper-specific tips gathered from on the water experience.

With so much quality content oozing from one single post, we wanted to share our favorite tips with you and anyone else interested in wrangling in more fish this summer.

15 Of The Best Summer Fishing Tips

Summer Fishing Tip #1

"It's summertime, so if you are hot, remember that the fish are as well, so try fishing at night! It can pay off!"

Angler: Charles Shoumake
Instagram: @cshoumake

Summer Fishing Tip #2

"I fish mostly for bass (but also crappie) on Lake Oconee and surrounding reservoirs here in Ga, and it gets hot in the summer! My tip, go early, I'm taking before daylight, and throw those topwater baits! I've had the most luck on the Berkley Choppo. Once it starts warming up, I switch to crankbaits and spinnerbaits until it's too hot and time to go home."

Angler: Ben V Hightower
YouTube: Ben Hightower TV

Summer Fishing Tip #3

"Work the weed line and heavy cover with a weedless hook. Allowing lure to get deep in between pockets or grass and Lilly’s."

Angler: James Scrubs
Location: Leesburg, FL.
Twitter: @DreamBigFishin1

Summer Fishing Tip #4

"Best advice for super hot summer days. Target bass under docks with Texas rigged creature or stick bait. Bass love to hide in the shade when it's super hot. Other options would be to go super early in the morning before it gets hot or late in the evening when it cools down."

Angler: Ryan Renken
Location: Spokane, WA
Youtube: Bass Bros 4 Life

Summer Fishing Tip #5

"If you are targeting bass in Saucier, MS, you need something that will go deep cause it is also hot down in the south, and if you don’t believe me, check my Instagram after for proof."

Angler: Gerardo Guerrero
Instagram: @dorito_loco_taco

Summer Fishing Tip #6

"Fish are a lot like humans. If it is hot, they go to the shady area, and you go to a tree. So you need to stay hydrated, and Fish near the shady are cast along the shady areas and lower them out of there, and BOOM baby, you got a fish."

Angler: Abigail Lekanoff
Location: Saint Mary's Kansas

Summer Fishing Tip #7

"Summer fishing tips! Protect the skin. If possible, wear a lightweight, long sleeve shirt, long pants, gloves, and a boonie cap to protect the ears & neck. If that's not possible, use plenty of sunscreens. Fishing tip! Slow down, switch to plastics, fish deeper."

Angler: Mike Robinson

Summer Fishing Tip #8

"When the fishing gets tough, slow down and downsize your lure. Other than that, always enjoy the water and have fun!! 🎣#TightLines"

Angler: Bubba Watkins

Summer Fishing Tip #9

"Fish early in the morning, before the real heat of the day, sets in. I live in the desert, so I like to get there before the sun crests the surrounding mountains. It makes a great way to start the day! The little 1 1/2 pounder above was caught on a Googan Grass Hero swim jig with a craw trailer just minutes after the sun came fully up."

Angler: Chris Morrison

Summer Fishing Tip #10

"When fishing with a jerk bait, the hang time is very important. Don't be too quick with your hang time. During that stop is when most of your strikes are going to happen."

Angler: Steve Larson
Location: Elk River, MN

Summer Fishing Tip #11

"Black bass: ned rigs are amazing summer baits. Drop them near cover or grass lines and let them sit. Small hops along the bottom and almost dead stick it for a while. When they hit it, just lift up with pressure!"

Angler: Steve Trumpowsky
Location: Bloomfield NY
Instagram: @stfishing96

Summer Fishing Tip #12

"If your most convenient body of water mostly has small fish, try light tackle or BFS (bait finesse system). It makes dink fishing fun, you'll get bit often with smaller lures like those in the panfish/trout Mystery Tackle Box, and you'll have a fun fight on your hands when a big one hooks up! I target mainly bass in Maryland, but sometimes other creatures come out to play."

Angler: Czarlite Ricasa
Instagram/YouTube @Czarlite

Summer Fishing Tip #13

"Remember to have fun. It's all about being on the water."

Angler: Braden Wieczorek

Summer Fishing Tip #14

"Any fish… live worms, cut into thirds, with a sliding bullet sinker on my ugly stick spinner rod. Early morning or evening are the best times, I feel."

Angler: Chris Blagg Bailey

Summer Fishing Top #15

"Bass, Trout, Carp, Pike. - My summer tip: keep a Zebco dock demon in your vehicle. Keep a versatile (multi-species) lure tied on like an in-line spinner, and you’re good to go! As you drive around you, never know when you’re going to find."

Angler: Jason R. Godbout
Location: Windham, Connenticut
Instagram: @jasonct78

Updated July 3rd, 2024 at 5:21 AM CT