Summer Night Fishing: Catching Bass In The Dark

Summer night fishing provides some of the best bass action during the dog days of summer. Fishing from dusk to dawn offers you a chance to beat the heat and catch plenty of bass because the fish are in a stable pattern in late summer.

If you find two or three spots that are holding bass at night, you can go back to those spots a couple of times during the week and catch bass there.  Schools of bass move in and out of those spots all night long so if you time it right you can catch multiple bass from one nighttime spot.

Summer Night Fishing Starting Points

Summer Night Fishing

Start your nighttime trip by getting to your favorite area just before sunset so you won’t have to spend as much time running around in the dark.  Some of the best places to night fish on my home waters are main lake brush piles 15 to 25 feet deep.

Bass will bite whether it’s raining all night long or if there are clear skies and a full moon.  The type of day probably affects night fishing more than the nighttime weather. If the day has been cloudy or rainy, the best night fishing occurs during the late evening or the first couple of hours after sunset.  If you have a few weeks of real hot weather when it’s been nothing but sunshine and bluebird skies, bass will bite all night long then.

Summer Night Fishing: Less Is More

You can leave your suitcase-sized tacklebox at home when you go night fishing.  Minimal tackle is required when fishing at night, realistically you only need only three types of lures: plastic worms, jigs with soft plastic trailers and spinnerbaits. You can use an 8-inch or longer plastic worm in dark colors with a 3/16- or 5/16-ounce weight, black-and-blue 1/2-ounce jig and black or blue trailer, or a 1/2 – or 3/4-ounce black spinnerbait to trick nighttime bass.

The key to night fishing is to work everything slowly.  Crawl the worm or jig through the brush or along a rocky bottom. Slowly roll the spinnerbait to where you can barely feel the blade turning.

Keep It Light While Summer Night Fishing

Try using any rod-and-reel combination that will handle 12- to 14-pound line for your night fishing.  I prefer this line size because it is more sensitive and gives my lures more action than heavier line.

Always carry a flashlight for night fishing because you might need extra light if your line tangles or you need to retie.

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