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Tennessee Angler Breaks 34 Year Old State Musky Record…And Almost Doesn’t Realize It

A Tennessee angler has broken one of the longest standing records in the state’s storied fishing history, with a 43 lb, 14 oz behemoth of a fish caught and kept. The fish did not live through the release, despite only being out of the water for a short time. If the fish had lived, however, Stephen Paul would not have even known he broke the state record! Paul tried to release the fish before a weigh and measure, but the fight had exhausted it so much it was injured and could not swim away.

Source: Tennesseean

It was then, according to The Tennesseean, he decided to call his dad and ask for advice on what to do with a giant dead musky. “How much does it weigh?” was his father’s initial question, and next thing you know, they’re on the phone with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to verify they had broken the old record of 42 lbs 8 oz by over a pound!

The fish was caught at Melton Hill Reservoir around 6 P.M. Melton Hill Muskies are all stocked, as they have not reproduced at any time in that lake. They grow at an insanely fast rate compared to Norther Musky, which would take 15+ years to reach that size, according to the DNR.

According to the agents who verified the record, the fish was between 12 and 15 years old, and was carrying eggs, which could have added to the fatigue and injury preventing a safe release. The agent said it would be like a human running a race immediately following Thanksgiving dinner. Which, I can say from experience, will not end well.

This particular fish of 10,000 casts is now the fish of a lifetime for this lucky angler!

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