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The 5 Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Texas

The 5 Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Texas

They do say everything is bigger in Texas and when it comes to largemouth bass, they may be right. The Lonestar state is lunker crazy and for good reason, Texas is home to oodles of lakes that hold trophy bass. With that being said, here is our list of the top five big bass lakes to fish in Texas right now.

A Special thank you to the Texas Parks & Wildlife and their Share Lunkers program for providing such useful data and images. More importantly, thank you for promoting catch and release angling. Let 'em go, Let 'em grow!

1) Lake Sam Rayburn

Located: 15 miles north of Jasper, Texas
Surface area: 114,500 acres
Maximum depth: 80 feet
Impounded: 1965

Lake Sam Rayburn is nestled in the ecologically rich region of southeastern Texas amid the famous Piney Woods. Immerse yourself in the true outdoors while having a legit chance at landing a new personal best from the famous Lake Sam Rayburn.

2) Lake Allan Henry

Location: 45 miles south of Lubbock, Texas
Surface area: 2,880 acres
Maximum depth: 100 ft
Impounded: 1993

In west Texas, there sits a little sleeper lake that continually pumps out mega bass. Sitting 45 miles south of Lubbock in the desolate Brazo River Basin is Lake Allan Henry. Relatively low fishing pressure blended with an ample forage base makes this little gem a destination worth visiting.

3) Lake Fork

Location: 5 miles northwest of Quitman, Texas
Surface area: 27,264 acres
Maximum depth: 70 feet
Impounded: 1980

The stomping grounds of Lake Fork Guy and a well known big bass factory, Lake Fork is no secret amongst serious Texas anglers. Just a few hours outside of Dallas, this system continues to produce big fish even with the heavy fishing pressure.

4) Falcon Lake

Location: 40 miles east of Laredo, Texas
Surface area: 83,654 acres
Maximum depth: 110 feet
Impounded: 1954

Straddling the US-Mexico border on the Rio Grande River is the notorious Falcon Lake. Originally built to conserve water, prevent flooding, and bring hydropower to the area, the damming of the Rio Grande also resulted in one more bonus resource: BIG. FAT. BASS.

5) Choke Canyon Reservoir

Location: 4 miles west of Three Rivers, Texas
Surface area: 25,670 acres
Maximum depth: 95.5 feet
Impounded: 1982

Just south of San Antonio is the Choke Canyon Reservoir - With a strong panfish, bass, catfish, and alligator gar populations, it's easy to understand why anglers are dumping their boats into Choke Canyon each weekend.

Updated November 11th, 2021 at 3:25 AM CT