Two Simple Texas Rig Tricks To Up Your Fishing Game

There have probably been more bass caught on a Texas-rigged plastic than any other presentation, and it’s for a good reason – Texas rigging allows anglers to effectively fish any cover, at any depth, under any conditions. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, that’s a tall order for most bass fishermen – we tend to be tinkerers, and because of that, we have come up with many ways to tweak the venerable Texas rig, and they all catch bass. Things like tex-posing and pegging a sinker with a bobber stop have become norms, but there are still a few tweaks out there that can offer up a little variety to your Texas rig – here are two you may not have heard of.

Peg Your Weight

Sliding a bobber stop like the Karl’s Stash PEGZ to your fishing line BEFORE you slide on a bullet weight will enable you to peg the Texas rig in place, preventing the weight from sliding up the line. While you don’t always need to peg a Texas Rig, it helps when flipping and pitching a Texas rig in grass or near structure. The pegged version keeps everything in place instead of the weight sliding up and down during your casts and retrieves, creating one compact unit. Together the bullet weight and the Texas rig can work together as they punch through the grass or slide in and out of the wooden structure.

Add A Skirt To Your Texas Rig

A black and blue skirted Texas rig with BioSpawn Vilecraw

Initially designed by anglers for punching through heavy vegetation, the punch skirt creates the look and profile while maintaining the snag-free nature and rapid fall of a standard Texas rig. Essentially, you just slide a jig skirt over a hub of plastic, metal, or lead and place it between the weight and bait – instant bait makeover.

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