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The 3 Best Presentations For Adding Fishing Scent

The 3 Best Presentations For Adding Fishing Scent

Adding fishing scent to a bait will get you more attraction from fish, it has been proven. This is why they call scents “attractants,” instead of “smells.” Whether or not scented baits get bit more is up for debate, but they do garner more attention. So, which presentations are best for adding fishing scent? Here are 3:

1. Drop Shot

Scented soft plastics are great additions to a drop shot rig because you can continuously cast at the same position and let the scent fill up your target. Reapply your scent so it fills the water, and your subtle jigging off the bottom will muck it up as if you were stirring up a nice garlic worm desert for a big bass.

2. Wacky Rig

Throwing a wacky rigged soft plastic with scent is a great way to naturally disperse the attractant. The added action from this rig will fan your scent in the area and widen your area of attack. Wacky rig soft plastics are often your standard stick-worms, but there are tons of other soft plastics you can try on a wacky rig to add action. Mix it up a bit and add a craw, tube, or even a fluke to add some corkscrew action on the fall, where scent can go crazy spreading throughout the water.

3. Shakey Head

Whichever soft plastic you attach to a shakey head, you are going to be hopping that thing all along the bottom. This bouncing and moving in a similar area will swish your scent around and call in fish who would normally turn a blind eye. Shakey head soft plastics can range in variety, but the best ones are bottom baits like craws or tapered worms. These baits perform best when the shakey head's inconsistent texture adds action.

Updated August 31st, 2017 at 2:30 PM CT