The 5 Must See Moments From The Unchartered Fishing Series

Unchartered is a content series featuring YouTube anglers from the Catch Co. roster. We send 3 anglers to a unique location to experience the culture, the people, the food, and of course the fishing!

We’ve created a ton of great memories over the past 6 series. The guys have visited places like Minnesota and Mexico, Boston and Chicago.  Who remembers the first one down in Louisiana? Over the last two years we’ve had Jon B., Alex Peric, Lawson Lindsey, SB Fishing, Senor Bass, even Flair, Lojo, and LakeForkGuy in on the action. The guys have experienced a ton of great fishing, local food and even some funny challenges along the way. We hope you’ve enjoyed the series!

Below is our round up of some of the top moments.

Let’s take a look back at some memorable moments from Unchartered.

Stay tuned to the Catch Co. YouTube channel where we just launched Part 1 of the most recent series, Florida, with LakeForkGuy, Lawson and Lojo exploring the Florida Everglades, spotting Gators and eating Cuban Sandwiches!

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