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7 Unique Soft Plastics You Need To Try On A Wacky Rig

When rigging a bait, hook placement is key. The hook is the pivot point, and if it’s off center, many plastics will not move smoothly through the water – instead darting, spinning, and otherwise causing haywire for anglers.

But what if that haywire action results in a strike?

Bassers everywhere owe a debt of gratitude to the first guy that decided to be lazy and just hook a plastic bait right through the middle of the body rather than thread it on a hook, creating the now famous “wacky rig”.

Wacky rigging is accomplished simply by hooking any plastic bait directly through the mid-section, which creates a wacky, undulating action on the fall and gets bit no matter where you are.

Although you’d be hard pressed to find a bass fisherman these days that hasn’t at least heard of wacky rigging, most only scratch the surface of what wacky rigging can do for you.

Here are 7 plastics that can destroy bass when easily hooked on a wacky rig:

1. Wacky Rig Finesse Worms

bassmunitions trip worm

One of the original finesse presentations, small 4.5 to 6 inch straight-tailed worms excel when wacky rigged. Their slender profile produces an extremely wild wobble on the fall when hooked through the mid-section. They also skip really well, making them deadly around docks, seawalls, and overhanging limbs. Try adding a small split shot about 12 inches above the hook to increase casting distance on a Bassmunitions Trip Worm.

2. Wacky Rig Stick Baits

savage gear armor tube

Soft plastic stick baits like the BioSpawn ExoStick, Yamamoto Senko, and Savage Gear Armor Tube are by far the most common baits to be wacky rigged, and it’s no mistake why. They cast a mile, and have a subtle shimmy on the fall that can’t be replicated. If you absolutely positively have to catch a bass right now – look nowhere else.

3. Wacky Rig Flukes

mizmo diamond darter

Ever seen a dying minnow struggling just below the surface? They shake a little as they fall, then dart erratically as they sink to the depths. Spend a couple hours fishing a wacky rigged flukes like the Mizmo Diamond Darter, and you’ll see the same action – and probably catch a few bass. Wacky rigged flukes cast a mile, and have all the bizarre action of a fluke – with the crazy shimmy of a wacky rigged stick bait.

4. Wacky Rig Tubes


The two most common presentations for a tube are Texas rigged for flipping, and on a jig head. They’re not the only two presentations for tubes though. Wacky rigging a tube like The Whiskey River Tube creates a crazy, corkscrew action on the fall, and when hopped off the bottom it looks remarkably like a crawfish skittering away from a predator. Wacky rigging a tube is especially deadly on smallmouth.

5. Wacky Rig Creature Baits

gambler ugly otter


Although their compact bodies don’t offer as much shimmy on the fall as slender baits, creature baits like the Biwaa Armored Craw can also be wacky rigged to excellent success. Particularly when used on a heavy drop-shot. By hooking the creature bait in the middle, shaking it produces a vibration and profile that bass just haven’t seen. This can be particularly deadly in highly pressured waters, on bedding bass, and where bass have seen a steady dose of creatures, craws, and worms.

6. Wacky Rig Ribbon-Tailed Worms

z man ribbon tail wormz

Although they’re a little passé, the old ribbon-tailed worm like the Z-Man Ribbon Tail WormZ can be just as deadly today as it was 25 years ago. They can also be deadly when wacky rigged. Putting the pivot point in the center makes the bait spiral on the fall – which gives the waving ribbon tail extra time to attract any nearby bass.

7. Wacky Rig Craws

Strike King - Rage Craw

Like creature baits, sometimes the bass in your area have just seen everything. Ever seen a crawfish crawling slowly to the side? That’s pretty much how they move when they’re unaware of nearby predators. Try wacky rigging your favorite craw like the Strike King Rage Craw, and slowly dragging it along the bottom. Don’t be surprised when you feel a tug at the other end!

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