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The 9 Best Fishing Games Of All Time

The 9 Best Fishing Games Of All Time

Fishing is, obviously, best enjoyed outdoors. Video games are, obviously, best enjoyed indoors. So how can the two overlap? When it comes to fishing games, there are some good, some bad, and some very ugly. The best fishing games are virtual reality style. Those are most present on apps and systems like the Nintendo Wii, where you can actually use your hands to create a casting motion and feel like you're doing some real fishing.While that realistic feel is important to the fun of fishing games, the real fun of the game is the unrealistic part: catching fish ALL the time. I play fishing games to catch 20 lb bass a few times an hour, not to retie hooks and fix snags all day long. When making our rankings we took into account all of these facts, and came up with this list of the 9 best fishing games of all time.

1. Hooked! Real Motion Fishing

Obviously the best game for a sport like fishing would be a Nintendo Wii game. You get to make a cast, set the hook, drive the boat, and catch monster bass all day long.

2. Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing made out list of best fishing games for the realistic graphics and fun fish fighting sequences. You will feel like you're actually on the boat, even though this game came out way back in 2010!

3. Wii Fishing Resort

Wii Fishing Resort isn't like the rest of the fishing games in that there is an actual story behind your movement. Not just an angler on a boat, but a guy at a fishing resort, this one has more fun than usual (trust us).

4. Sega Bass Fishing

Sega games were always great for their simplistic fun. This was no different, even when it became the rare site of fishing games on a Dreamcast system.

5. Bass Pro Shops: The Strike

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike was a great game, but their name was no mistake. The strikes were as realistic as a game could be back then, and gave you almost as much adrenaline as a real day on the water.

6. Bass Hunter 64

It's hard to not include an N64 game on every list of fishing games, and Bass Hunter was the best of the best. Casting was easy, catching was fun, and that is about all you could want in a video game.

7. Nushi Tsuri 64

This is one of the weirder fishing games out there, but it was fun nonethless. Part Pokemon, part googan squad, there are adventures and tales woven in around your chase of big bass.

8. Mark Davis Pro Bass Challenge

Mark Davis Pro Bass Challenge has some of the least intuitive graphics and wonkiest gameplay, but catching fish was never easier. Cast and catch, cast and catch. Then, cast and catch!

9. The Black Bass

The Black Bass has tons of cheat codes that make the game easier, including the ability to catch absolute lunkers when you know where to look.Fishing games aren't one of the most prominent types of fishing games, but they are fun when made properly. Fishing games on your phone and in virtual reality settings are obviously the best, but XBOX and a few other systems have made some great games as well. Let us know in the comments what your favorite fishing game of all time is!

Updated December 1st, 2016 at 3:40 PM CT