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The Tight Rope Bite Getter Is Here!

The Tight Rope Bite Getter Is Here!

This new finesse spinnerbait is the next collaboration product between Tight Rope Fishing and Catch Co.

The Bite Getter is here to save your day of fishing! This new finesse spinnerbait is the next collaboration product between Tight Rope Fishing and Catch Co. Designed to come through with bites no matter how tough the fishing is, the Bite Getter has arrived to become your favorite spinnerbait.

Tightrope Spinnerbait shot

The brainchild of Ryan Whitacre from Tight Rope Fishing, the Bite Getter is a finesse spinnerbait packed full of features to set it apart. It has a turtleback / Colorado blade for the ideal combination of flash and vibration, along with 17-7 spring steel wire to maximize that vibration and durability. This is a bait designed to thump, anglers will feel it on their rod and fish will feel it through the water.

The head of the bait is rounded, and designed to keep the bait running true at all speeds. This design also provides unmatched deflection powers when you're running it along wood, rock, or vegetation so you won't get snagged. That deflection capability is key to generating bites, you'll want to be banging the Bite Getter against cover such as shallow laydowns to generate reaction strikes when it deflects.

Tightrope spinnerbait head

The Bite Getter is available in two sizes, 1/4oz and 1/2oz, to allow you to adapt the bait to various depths and types of cover. If you're fishing shallow or around thick cover, go with the 1/4oz so you can keep the bait high and not in danger of snagging up. If you're fishing a little deeper, like 4-8 feet, or you want to retrieve the bait at a quicker pace, go for the 1/2oz model. Both baits have the same great compact profile. The Bite Getter is available in 12 proven colors, and is built with a hand tied skirt that is specially cut to flare out better in the water.

Tightrope Karls bait tackle

Ryan Whitacre recommends the Bite Getter to be fished with 12lb - 17lb fluorocarbon or monofilament lines, on any 7' MH casting rod. When selecting a trailer, he keeps it really simple. Most often Ryan is opting for a paddle tail swimbait trailer, like the 2.75" BioSpawn ExoSwim on the 1/4oz model or the 3.25" ExoSwim for the 1/2oz model. The hard kicking tail of the ExoSwim helps provide great action and bulk to the bait, but it also helps keep it riding higher in the water column. When Ryan wants less action, or wants the bait to run a bit deeper in the water, he'll opt for a straight tail trailer like a Zoom Split Tail Trailer.

Tightrope spinnerbait trailers

No matter where you fish it, the Bite Getter will flat out get bit!

Updated May 12th, 2023 at 8:18 AM CT