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From The Garage To Mystery Tackle Boxes: Two Unexpecting Urban Anglers And One Unbelievable Jig

From The Garage To Mystery Tackle Boxes: Two Unexpecting Urban Anglers And One Unbelievable Jig

The Baby Firework Super jig is a hard-hitting finesse jig created by two urban anglers Jay Pee Hey and Ryan Whitacre. The pair of bass fishing maniacs put their heads together and created a new finesse jig designed specifically for smallmouth bass swimming around Chicago’s lakefront. The duo wanted a jig with enough finesse to trick weary smallmouth, but with enough beef to backup light bites with a heavy hookset.

Jay Pee (left) and Ryan (right) pose with a Chicago smallmouth.

Not Your Average Anglers

In addition to playing in a punk band, skateboarding, and being one of Chicago’s top bass anglers, Ryan is a natural tinkerer. Ryan took these abilities and applied them to make the most efficient compact jig possible. First starting with standard jig molds and scrap lead donated from friends, Ryan then began to hone his craft developing better and better jigs.

Using the cutting bit on his Dremel, Ryan was able to manipulate his existing jig mold, creating a channel space to fit a finesse wire weed guard while keeping the weight of the jig head the same size. This process took extensive trial and error. The point of customizing this mold was to help Ryan tie the jig directly to the hook shank as opposed to a lead collar found on standard jigs.

After continued testing, insight from Jay Pee, and feedback from who mattered most, the fish, the two were able to dial things in and create the jig they needed.

The first Baby Firework Super Jig used a ball head jig mold without the aforementioned lead collar which is what gives the bait its flared skirt, providing its distinguished look.

The flare of the skirt helps prevent snags by not allowing the jig to fall in crevices. In addition, the flared skirt creates a gentle and subtle aesthetic and slows the fall rate as the jigs descend to the bottom.

Local Domination

After personal success on Lake Michigan, Ryan and JayPee started catching largemouth on the inland lakes throughout the midwest while competing (usually dominating) in the local tournament scene. The ¼ oz weight and study 2/0 hook allow anglers to fish this compact bait on either casting or spinning gear, but both Ryan and JayPee prefer casting gear.

For years, the Baby Firework Super Jig was the lowkey secret bait dominating the Chicago fishing scene. As word spread, demand for the Baby Firework Super Jig was exploding. With limited hands on deck and the constant desire to be on the water, Ryan and JayPee could barely keep jigs in stock. Some local anglers waited weeks for custom orders of their favorite finesse jig.

That’s where Catch Co. stepped in. After working with JayPee and Ryan, we’ve collectively created a new version of the original jig, allowing anglers nationwide to get first-hand experience with a truly quality finesse jig.

The New Edition

The Baby Firework Super Jig is hand-tied, features a fluorocarbon leader, and comes in 10 mouth-watering color options. With your choice of trailer, you can get this jig to resemble a crawfish, minnow, bluegill, or goby. Work this bait in clear water, around spotted bass, smallmouth, or finicky largemouth. When everyone else is throwing a jumbo flipping jig, try pitching the Firework Baby Super Jig.

Updated January 15th, 2021 at 5:35 AM CT