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These 5 Tips Will Help ANY Angler Get Better At Fishing

These 5 Tips Will Help ANY Angler Get Better At Fishing

Whether you're beginners, weekend fishermen, or professionals, we all have one thing in common: we wish we could catch more fish. Some may think the ONLY way to get better at fishing is to, well, go fishing. But, there are plenty of things you can do off the water to prepare yourself! Here are five ways any angler can get better at fishing:

1. Watch YouTube Videos

A simple “how to” search, followed by just about any bass fishing technique, will give you tens of thousands of results to help you improve your bass fishing skills. The top YouTubers will pop up first, with guys like LakeForkGuy and Flukemaster at the top of the teaching game.

2. Practice Knots

Learning how to tie a knot can make or break your day on the water. Skimp on the knot or rush through it, and you are wasting your time with every cast. Even if something bites, it might take your hook right off your line. Learn what the best fishing knots are for each presentation, and practice tying them in your spare time.

3. Clean Your Gear

Maintaining your tools is important in any sport, and fishing is no exception. Your reels, rods, and tackle will all perform better if you keep them clean and up to par. Squeaky clean reels put more fish in the boat than rickety, malfunctioning gear.

4. Learn A New Technique

If your fishing game has gone stagnant from throwing crankbait after crankbait, learn something new, like the drop shot technique! There is no better way to finesse a bite off the bottom than grabbing your drop shot rod and a tasty soft plastic, and getting into the depths. With not enough anglers knowing the technique, not enough fish can lay off of it!

5. Sign Up For Mystery Tackle Box

One way to keep the fish on their toes: show them brand new baits every single month! Don’t fall into the trap of complacency and sticking only to what you know. Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new baits, along with limited edition baits accessible only for subscribers, will catch you more fish each and every month. You can even save $10 on your first box with code TRYMTB at checkout!

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Updated February 6th, 2018 at 9:38 AM CT