Trolling For Trout

2 Trolling For Trout Tips You Need To Know For Catching Trophy Fish

When it comes to trolling for trout, there are a few pros and cons. The cons, of course, are that boats are expensive and logistically more tough than casting from the from the bank. The pros (at a high level) are the ability to catch more fish. But how, and why, does trolling yield you more fish? Allow me to explain.

Trolling For Trout Tip 1: Covering Water

Trolling For Trout

The main factor in catching more fish is the ability to fish deeper and cover more water. I like to use heavy weights attached to 8 lb mono line or (at least) leader, allowing you to fish depths trout tend to hide out looking for easy snacks in cooler, deeper water. This tactic works on lakes where trout feed on everything from bugs to krill to shad. And when it comes to impersonating ALL of those in one, I lean on curly tailed grubs.

Obviously live bait works the best, especially when trolled in a walleye style presentation, adding flash and bright colors. But, when fish are active, the flashy colors and flailing tails on a grub are more likely to catch you big numbers than just a typical worm, leech, grasshopper, or cricket. When trout are looking to feed, it’s time to stand out and switch to a grub.

Trolling For Trout Tip 2: Cover Water

Thick, meaty, and flaily grubs are the best. You can add them to a downsized hook perfect for the mouth of a trout, but still give off enough flair and length to make sure fish will come after your line from all over the water column. If trout are suspended 30 feet deep eating whatever sinks down there, a flashy grub can wave hi just in time to get bit!

Try trolling your boat against the current, where trout have been pushed into coves and backed into deep corners of the lake. Work several passes through a zone you are marking fish and remember: If you catch one, get that bait right back in the water. Trout are big time schoolers, especially when they feed in the depths. When it rains it pours and you’ll want to net that trout and re- rig your grub ASAP!

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