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Trout Stocking: How To Find Out When And Where

Trout fishermen that aren’t blessed to live in areas of the country where native trout thrive in streams and rivers instead rely on hatchery stocking to support their passion – which means they are often subject to the whims and fancy of the various natural resources agencies that manage the fisheries.

There are several resources available to anglers looking for the latest stocking updates and locations – here are three.

1. DNR/Fish and Wildlife Website

State hatchery stocking information is public information in most states, whether they actually publish it or not. Many states post a list of stocking activities, locations, and the number of fish released right on their websites. Others, you may have to call and ask.

2. Local Tackle Shops

More than just packs of worms and bobbers cross over the counter at your local tackle shop. Anglers may be tight lipped, but they can’t resist bragging at the tackle shop, so their employees are almost always tuned in to the local stocking patterns.

3. Angler Organizations

Members of angler organizations like Trout Unlimited are also valuable resources for stocking information, particularly the private stockings that many of these chapters organize. Become a member, and you’ll not only get the inside scoop, you’ll also get to be an active participant in the conservation efforts these organizations practice.

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