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3 Tube Fishing Tips To Help You This Fall

3 Tube Fishing Tips To Help You This Fall

Some anglers make the mistake of putting away their tube baits when bass are done spawning, but besides being a great lure for springtime, the tube bait is also a productive lure in the fall. Bass favor tube fishing this time of year because it looks just like a shad, which bass crave in the fall.

3. Where To Throw Tubes For Bass Fishing

Concentrating on docks is the best way to fish the tube in the fall. A Texas-rigged 4-inch tube on a 3/0 wide gap hook with a 1/8-ounce sinker will work on any lake that has docks, especially those that have sunken brush piles near the docks. Bass usually will suspend under the docks or over the brush piles.

Bass will hit the lure most of the time when it’s falling. Let the tube fall down into the brush, then crank it out of the cover, hop it and then let it fall back in the cover again. If nothing happens after that, reel in the lure and make another cast. With this presentation, you can fish fast and cover a lot of water quickly.
For fishing around docks in the fall, use 10-pound test fluorocarbon with a 6 1/2-foot, 3-power spinning rod and spinning reel.

2. Color Selection For Fall Tube Fishing

The best colors for fishing tubes in the fall are any hues resembling a shad or crawfish. Green pumpkin, pumpkinseed, clear sparkle and silver flake are some of the best tube colors for imitating crawfish and shad. A black-and-blue tube has also been a productive lure for me in the fall for fishing in either clear or murky water.

A tube bait can be fished effectively down to 15 to 20 feet in the fall, but it takes a lot of patience to wait for the lure to drop that deep. Water color will determine how deep the fish will be holding. In off-colored water, bass will be shallower but in clear water the fish will be at least 10 to 20 feet deep during autumn.

3. Skipping Tubes For Fall Bass

A skip cast is just as effective in the fall as it is in the spring. Skipping the tube across the surface during your cast is always important because it draws bass to your bait.

If you plan on fishing a lake loaded with docks this fall, remember to keep tube baits in your tackle box. The tube baits natural looks make it the best imitation of a shad to trick bass.

Updated November 3rd, 2021 at 5:19 AM CT