3 Drop Shot Soft Plastics You Should Be Throwing But Probably Aren’t

With seemingly limitless options to choose from, selecting the best drop shot soft plastics can become a challenge. Small worms with thinly tapered tails are among the most popular, and for a good reason. With just a shake of the rod tip, an angler can easily dance, quiver, and shake a slender-bodied worm, all while keeping their drop shot weight virtually glued to the bottom.

However, in addition to the tried and true finesse worm, there are a few other effective soft plastics that might be flying under the radar of the average finesse angler. Let’s take a look at three unconventional drop shot baits. 

The video below features Michigan angler Bill Mathews showcases the four soft plastics he uses to fish three unusual but drop shot presentations.

Here are three rigs or methods worth trying the next time you grab a spinning rod for a little finesse drop shot fishing. Remember, downsize your line and use the lightest drop shot weight you can get away with!

1) Wacky Rigged Drop Shot

A wacky-rigged worm fished on a drop shot rig will sink noticeably slower than the more traditional drop shot soft plastic because of the added bulk and wobble from a descending wacky rig. Knowing this, Billy fishes his wacky-rigged drop shot in 8-12 feet of water which is considered shallow in the world of drop shot fishing.

After making a cast, Bill gets his wacky-rigged worm to flicker back and forth by barely shaking his rod tip. Imagine trying to gently turn on and off a light switch above your head with the tip of a fishing rod. That’s the type of movements wacky-rigged drop shot anglers should be applying through each cast.

Rigging Suggestions: Center hook a finesse worm using a 1/0-2/0 ought wacky-rigged hook.

Drop Shot Plastics For Wacky Rigs
Gary Yamamoto Senko
BioSpawn ExoStick
Karl’s Waggle Worm
Zoom Trick Worm

2) Swimbaits On A Drop Shot

Paddle tail swimbaits and the slow, systematic approach to finesse drop shot fishing might not seem like an obvious duo, but these two can be a deadly combo when paired together correctly. Think about the natural look of a soft plastic swimbait coasting roughly a foot off the bottom as a stealthy drop shot weight drags just below. The subtle swimbait looks like a free and unassuming meal passing through the strike zone just begging to be eaten. Unlike traditional drop shot retrieves, you want to keep the swimbaits on the move by making long side sweeps with the rod tip to keep your bait slowly creeping along the bottom.

Rigging Suggestions: Nose hook a small soft plastic swimbait with a size one octopus, Neko, or drop shot hook

Drop Shot Swimbaits:
BioSpawn ExoSwim
10,000 Fish Shimmer Swimmer
KVD Perfect Plastic Swim’n Caffeine Shad

3) Fluke Style Baits On A Drop Shot

Using fluke-style soft plastics might seem like overkill, but Bill and nearly every tournament angler who fishes Michigan’s Lake St. Clair will tell you that upsizing your drop shot offering will result in more bites. When fish are feeding on larger minnows, bluegill, or shad, there are few better options than a 3-5 inch minnow style soft plastic rigged on a drop shot.

The larger profile is inviting from a distance as bass spot the upsized plastic more easily in clear water. In addition to being a better visual indicator, a big minnow style soft plastic will help you attract the bigger fish in the pack.

Rigging Suggestions: 1/0-3/0 EWG hooks Texas rigged

Drop Shot Baitfish Plastics:
10,000 Fish Yoto Worm
Z-Man Scented Jerk ShadZ
Googan Baits Dart,
Big Bite Baits Jerk Minnow

The next time you reach for the spinning rod and start throwing a drop shot, don’t forget about these three unorthodox but highly effective set-ups. 

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