Video: Mystery Tackle Box Pro Unboxing With TightLineTV

TightLineTV is back with another MTB Pro unboxing and bait breakdown. In this video, Jordan breaks down all the baits from a recent MTB Pro box and shares some tips on how you can fish them to catch more bass this spring.

1) Lake Fork Lures Trophy Flutter Spoon

The Lake Fork Flutter spoon is bass candy that can trigger a bite when nothing else will. The slender profile and razor-sharp hooks help turn a bite into a catch.

2) Googan Squad Flat Banger

The Googan Squad Flatbanger is a fish-friendly, flat-sided square bill crankbait designed by a legendary group of YouTube anglers. Together, the Googan Squad and the Catch Co. created a high performing crankbait that is topped off with a Googan touch. Ideal for cool water, pressured fish, and whenever you want a squarebill with a lowkey look.

3) Westin Shadteez Slim

The Westin ShadTeez Slim is a premium swimbait that will trigger aggressive strikes from hungry predators. It has a natural baitfish profile, with an eye-catching scale pattern and realistic fins encased in a double layer of clear plastic, giving this bait a remarkably lifelike appearance.

4) Spearpoint Performance Hooks

Spearpoint Performance Hooks have an innovative design that will help you catch more fish. After the hookset, the V shape firmly positions the hook in the fish’s jaw—it’s not coming out until the fight is over!

5) 13 Fishing Bubble Butt

The 13 Fishing Bubble Butt is a salt-infused soft plastic. The air pocket in the tail creates enticing quivering action and makes it stand up when on the bottom. Use an O-ring or wacky rig on the ring cutouts, or flush against a Texas-rigged bullet style weight.

6) Thunder Hawk Lures Lipless Sergeant

The Thunderhawk Sergeant is a lipless crankbait with loud rattling acoustics. This lure excels in cold weather, when baitfish are slow. The tighter wobble of a lipless crankbait helps imitate lethargic bait behavior.

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