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What's The Difference Between EWG, Offset, and Straight Shank Hooks?

What's The Difference Between EWG, Offset, and Straight Shank Hooks?

This guest post was submitted by Gene Jensen, AKA "Flukemaster." Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel.Choosing the correct hook can be the difference between landing a fish of a lifetime or watching it swim away after a great hookset. Three of the most popular types of worm hooks are the EWG, the offset, and the straight shank.Before we discuss these types of hooks let's talk about the hookset. When you set the hook on a bass there are several things that need to happen in order to achieve a positive hookset. The hook needs to come through the soft plastic, the soft plastic needs to get out of the way, and the hook needs to penetrate the tough skin inside the bass' mouth. There are several problems that can be avoided if you choose the correct hook.

EWG Hooks

The EWG has been a very popular hook for many years. It's great for thick plastics because there is a lot of room in the gap to allow the soft plastic to get out of the way. The problem is that the tip of the hook is directly in line with the eye of the hook. When you set the hook the chances of penetration are not very good. Lay a piece of paper on a table and then put the tip and the eye on the paper and slide it along and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Offset Worm Hook

The offset worm hook is a great all around hook. It has the offset bend that holds the soft plastic up on the hook, but a drop of super glue will prevent it from sliding down the hook and getting in the way of a hookset. The tip of the hook is not in line with the eye so there is a better chance that it will grab skin on the way out of the fish's mouth.

Straight Shank Hook

The straight shank hook slides through cover the best. There is no bend or anything to get in the way of a positive hookset. Until recently the problem has always been keeping the soft plastic from sliding down the hook. Companies have started putting large barbs on the hook to prevent this from happening. I'm not sponsored by Mustad but I love the Grip Pin hook. It comes in several different sizes, with heavy or thin wire. I can use them on my heaviest flipping rigs all the way down the the lightest mojo rig.So if you are having trouble getting a good hookset consider the type of hook you are using. If you continue having problems after that then you may have to put your “Man Pants” on and set the hook harder. Good luck and have fun.

Updated August 3rd, 2017 at 1:57 PM CT