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Walleye Tips: When Should I Add A Stinger Hook?

Walleye Tips: When Should I Add A Stinger Hook?

Walleyes are known to be finicky eaters at times. For that reason, many anglers add an extra hook, called a stinger to their presentations to maximize their bite-to-hookup ratio. The downside of stinger hooks though is that they can be a pain to rig and often foul up the presentation, making it look less natural.Here’s a guide for when to use one, and when to leave it be.

Use A Stinger Hook When:

• You’re getting a lot of bites but not hooking fish.• You’re using a plastic bait where you can bury the stinger without fouling the presentation.• You’re fishing vertically – the stinger is less likely to foul on the bait.• You’re catching a lot of smaller fish.

Go Without A Stinger Hook When:

• Whenever you just start out – why complicate things unnecessarily?• When you’re hooking fish well.• When you’re fishing smaller livebait – the stinger will often foul your presentation.• When you’re dragging or fishing around cover – one more thing to snag up.

Updated September 28th, 2020 at 9:56 AM CT