Wisconsin Early Ice Reports 2020: SLAB Crappies Are Coming Topside!

With the 9-Day Wisconsin Deer Gun Hunting Season in the rearview, outdoor enthusiasts in the badger state are turning towards other activities. And during winter in Wisconsin, ice fishing reigns supreme.

In Northern Wisconsin lakes, the ice fishing season typically starts in early December, with southern lakes freezing over a few weeks after. The ice season can extend through March and sometimes April depending on where you live and the harshness of that winter. You might think these long winters with short days and bone-chilling temperatures will stop people from getting outside, but it doesn’t. 

Wisconsinites are out in droves each winter, snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, hunting, and of course, ICE FISHING! A little cold doesn’t stop people from doing what they love, and in Wisconsin, people love to ice fish. 

Wisconsin Early Season Ice Fishing Is Here Up North

Wisconsin Early Ice Fishing 2020
Photo Credit: NB Edits

Wisconsin angler Nick Goslin from NB Edits found safe ice while venturing to the Wisconsin Northwoods. While we can’t give you specific spots, we can say that he was north of Merrill. Small lakes and ponds up north are starting to provide fishable ice for anglers willing to venture out.

PLEASE remember to use safety precautions, bring tools and emergency gear, and always fish with a friend. Ice fishing early in the season is dangerous, so please remember to use caution. 

Now that you know a little about the ice fishing scene and conditions right now in Wisconsin, watch Nick lay the smackdown on early ice crappie!

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