How To Catch More Panfish From The Bank In The Winter

Cold winter temperatures can make it tough to get out and catch bass, but it makes for a perfect opportunity to hit the bank and catch some panfish. For anglers living near open water during the winter months, bank fishing for slab panfish can be the best way to spend the afternoon.

Watch Andrew Nordbye break down baits from a recent Mystery Tackle Box Panfish Pro Box while offering some of his best tips to catch more bluegill, crappie, and other panfish this time of year!

4 Winter Panfish Bank Fishing Tips

Stay In School– Panfish often roam together in small packs or large schools. If you locate fish in one area, fish that spot hard, there might be more fish nearby.

Scale Things Down – Panfish equipment is light by nature, but using extra finesse tactics can help coax finicky panfish into biting.

Use A Float – Using a bobber allows anglers to position their offering at a fixed depth. This is extremely helpful when fish are suspending or slower to bite; the bobber keeps your bait directly on top of your target. Then, with simple jiggles of the rod, you can easily get your bait to dance in place.

Fishing Late Can Be Great – Bank structures like rocks, docks, pilings, and brush will retain heat throughout the day from the sun’s rays which attract fish looking for an easy way to warm up. Target these areas on sunny days late in the Winter.

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