worst people to fish with

The 15 Worst People To Fish With

Everyone loves going out on the lake and fishing with their best buddies. Every once in awhile, though, one of your best buddies asks if their weird Uncle Stanley or Cousin Zeb can come out on the boat or hitch a ride to the lake, and you end up enduring some of the worst habits a fisherman can have. Don’t be one of the guys with those habits. These are the 15 absolute worst people to fish with, besides this guy:

15. The Over The Top Celebrator

Source: USAToday

Did you just catch a good sized bass or kick the game winning goal of the world cup? Bring it down a few notches.

14. The Guy Grossed Out By Fish


Source: GroceryStoreMadness

Why even go fishing? He secretly wishes to get skunked to never confront his fear.

13. The Guy Who Packs Too Much

Source: handluggageonly

You’ll sink the boat with your backpack, creel, tackle box, cooler, change of clothes, compass, case of drinks, fish finder, wait is that a laptop?

12. The Guy Who Doesn’t Pack Enough

empty tackle box
Source: Jebolist

Yeah sure you can borrow literally everything from me, no problem.

11. The Texter

Source: Giphy

Isn’t it great to get away from the office and the city for the day and go enjoy using snapchat, playing angry birds, and candy crush on the lake?

10. Animals

sealion stealing fish
Source: Imgur

Bring your dog! But that’s the only animal that’s fun for fishing. Sea-lions are obviously cruel and sneaky on saltwater. And for an animal with the gift of flight, ducks do seem set on being right where I want to cast quite often.

9. The Guy With No Patience


Source: GoodReads

Two casts with no luck? Better go try somewhere else!

8. The Storyteller

when i was your age

Nothing worse than a guy without a pole walking by to tell you about all the fish he catches in the spot you’re standing.

7. The Guy Who Wants To Keep Them All

Source: Tumblr

#CatchAndRelease, especially if you’re just trying to bring a baitfish trophy back.

6. Mr. One Too Many

too many beers
Source: Photobucket

We all know a few beers goes great with a day on the lake, but no one wants to listen to you slur your words through a rant about your ex and then carry you home.

5. The Guy With The Excuses

nothing i can do
Source: Blogspot

There’s plenty of reasons the fish might not be biting, you forgetting to wear your lucky socks or your buddies boat being too small are not any of them.

4. Mr. Instagram

Source: Cloudfront

If you catch a big one or want to take a good shot of the lake, great! But if you miss a bite while you’re trying to find the right filter, it’s unforgivable.

3. The Guy With A Super Secret Spot

secret fishing spot
Source: Sharegif

If you bring up your secret spot, you have to tell us where it is!

2. The Guy Who Steals Your Spot

steal my spot fishing
Source: Giphy

Not much more disappointing than getting to your favorite spot and seeing someone sitting right on the most comfortable rock.

1. The Over-Exaggerator

Source: Gifrific

Arguably the worst of the worst, the guy who talks about the 10 pound fish he caught once with his friend you’ve never met on a lake you can’t find on Google maps.

Which of the worst people to fish with are you? Which of the worst people to fish with are your friends? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. My pet peeves is the one where someone else is fishing my spot. I had that happen many times, one in particular is when trying ice fishing one year. I had the perfect spot scoped out, and as we were hauling our stuff halfway there some jerk pulls up in an ATV and plants his ice shelter right where I was going to go. I was so mad.

  2. How about the tight wad “penny pitcher” the guy that wants to split everything right down the middle to the penny on fishing trips… I prefer the I’ll get this tank of gas you get the next

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