Xcite Baits Helps FLW Tour Pro James Biggs Live The Dream

XciteBaits_LogoXcite Baits, a Texas-based manufacturer of top-grade bass tournament tackle, announced today that they’ve added pro angler James Biggs, winner of the 2014 TBF National Championship, to their pro-staff. As a result of his victory on Grand Lake, Biggs, a career firefighter and paramedic, qualified for FLW’s “Living the Dream” package that will pay for his expenses on the FLW Tour in 2015.

Prior to winning the TBF championship this year, Biggs won the lone season of the World Series of Bass reality television show and finished 2nd in the 2011 TBF championship. The 33 year-old pro has fished Federation events since he was 16, and has previously fished both the FLW Tour and 15 B.A.S.S. Opens. In the B.A.S.S. events he’s finished in the money over half the time, including a personal best 3rd on the Red River in 2010.

“He’s in the hunt in just about every event he fishes,” said Xcite owner Lloyd Walker. “On top of that, he’s very personable. We want to make products that work for anglers at the highest levels of competition, but our bread-and-butter customer is the grassroots fisherman and there’s no one better than James to bridge that gap.”

Biggs has used Xcite products in several of his past tournament successes, and while he excels at power techniques befitting his big fish Lone Star roots, he’s most at home in low weight, grind ‘em out tournaments.

“Without a doubt, cranking is my number one strength, particularly with a square bill,” he said. “The new Xcite XB-1 silent model is perfect for the highly-pressured lakes around Dallas/Fort Worth. I’m also really excited to use the Slim X worm. They don’t use salt, which causes the bait to float like a hand pour, but has the toughness of an injection molded bait.”

Biggs has already fished the BFL All-American this year and his next stop is the Forrest Wood Cup on South Carolina’s Lake Murray, where he has plans to deploy a number of Xcite products in his quest to gain angling immortality. After that, he’ll take another stab at the FLW Tour. “The last time, because of my job as a firefighter, I didn’t have a chance to pre-practice anywhere,” he said. “All I had was the three days of practice and I just missed qualifying for the Cup, so I think I’m pretty good at finding fish. This time I’m going to be much better prepared.” For more information on James Biggs and Xcite Baits, go to XciteBaits.com.

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