An Inside Look At The New Z-Man GOAT ToadZ Soft Plastic

Image Credit: Robert Egedi Fishing

Z-Man Fishing continually cranks out new lures and rigs that combine innovation with fish catching ability, and that’s exactly what you get with their new Z-Man Goat ToadZ. The 4-inch floating soft plastic toads come in a 3-pack and are constructed from Z-man’s signature ElaZtech plastic.

Unlike other soft plastic toads which sink during the pause, the Z-Man Goat ToadZ will stay on the surface, letting you dangle your rig in the nooks and crannies of open water patches.

On top of traditional techniques like burning soft plastic toads across the surface or adding them to the back of buzzbait, the Z-Man Goat ToadZ makes a perfect trailer for a swimming or bladed jig.

The added bulk increases casting ability, and the bait’s flat surface lets you skip this toad as smooth as butter.

Learn more from Z-man Fishing’s national sales manager, Glen Young, as he walks through the ins and outs of the new Z-Man Goat ToadZ.

5 Tips For Fishing Topwater Toads

  • Burn it fast and then occasionally kill it with a pause, especially in open patches of vegetation
  • Use braided line to winch fish out of heavy vegetation
  • Set Hard! Reel down and set the hook hard to help your hook penetrate through the plastic and into the fish’s mouth
  • Trailer It! Adding the Goat ToadZ to the back of a swim jig or even wobble head will still draw vicious strikes
Z-Man Goat ToadZ Coppertreuse
$3.99 Karl’s Club Member Price
$4.99 Non-Member Price
Z-Man Goat ToadZ Purple Death
$3.99 Karl’s Club Member Price
$4.99 Non-Member Price
Z-Man Goat ToadZ Redbone
$3.99 Karl’s Club Member Price
$4.99 Non-Member Price
Z-Man Goat ToadZ Hot Snakes
$3.99 Karl’s Club Member Price
$4.99 Non-Member Price
Z-Man Goat ToadZ The Deal
$3.99 Karl’s Club Member Price
$4.99 Non-Member Price

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