13 Fishing Concept A - Casting Reel

13 Fishing Concept A - Casting Reel

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13 Fishing Concept A - Casting Reel

The 5:3:1 will retrieve 21” of line per turn. This slow retrieving reel is ideal for most crankbait applications. The slower speed allows your lure to get down deeper and keeps your retrieve at an ideal speed. It also gives you more sensitivity to feel what your lure is doing and detect more bites.

The 6:6:1 will retrieve 26.1” of line per turn. This medium speed gear ratio is an all-purpose reel that that can be used for a wide variety of techniques including spinnerbaits, swimbaits, jerkbaits, topwater lures, and many more.

The 7:3:1 will retrieve 28.9” of line per turn. This fast speed gear ratio is great for techniques where you need to bring your lure in quick to make multiple casts or for scenarios where you need to bring a fish in quickly around heavy cover. This speed is ideal for flipping, pitching, worming, and frogging.

The 8:1:1 will retrieve 32” of line per turn. This very fast speed gear ratio is used for scenarios where you really need to bring in fish as fast as possible, like fishing in very heavy slop, cover, or around structure. Ideal for certain flipping, pitching, worming and frogging scenarios.

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Product Specs

Sideplate: Beetle Wing Sideplate
Weight: 6.8 oz
Drag: 22lb Bulldog Drag
Frame: Aluminum
Line Guide: Arrowhead Design
Ball Bearings: 3 Anti-Corrosion+3 Stainless+1 A/R Clutch
Handle: Aluminum w/ Concept Cork Knobs
Saltwater Approved: YES
Braking System: 6-way Centrifugal
Line Capacity: 12lb./100yds
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On: 8/11/2017

Nice reel, I'm very happy with thr quality

Awesome reel. I liked it so much I picked up 2.



On: 3/26/2017

First 13 Fishing Reel

This is the first reel from Fishing 13 I purchesed, but I do have one of their Omen rods. I like the reel a lot- nice and light and easy to tune for good casting. Good mid-level reel. I use it for pitching and have it on a Loomis rod.



On: 3/25/2017

Great Reel

Reel works great, very smooth, very consistent.



On: 3/25/2017

Awesome product

I haven't owned a baitcaster in many years and this one has made me a fan again.



On: 3/25/2017

Fantastic Reel!

Absolutely fantastic reel. If you need to cast/pitch/flip lighter lures, spend the extra money over the Inception and get a concept reel. Casts wonderfully. Only drawback is having to open the side plate to make brake adjustments, but at least it stays attached to the reel so you don't drop it. Plus credit at MTB means a free box to use with your new toy! Can't be beat!



On: 3/25/2017

Love the reel

I have one already but they r the best reels I have ever used



On: 11/19/2016

Favorite Reel

Love this reel. I have two and use them for different applications. It's a smaller reel so it fits in my hand perfectly. If you have large hands it might be a bit to small. I'd still recommend you try it out.



On: 1/23/2016


At first glance, I thought this reel looked cheap. However, after inspecting it closer, I started to really like it. It's light weight and the performance has been exceptional. I will be buying another!



On: 1/11/2016

Best Priced Flippin' & Pitchin' Reel

I recommend this reel for the flippin' and pitchin' application only. This reel is extremely light which works very well on a flippin' stick to help keep the overall weight down and it helps the rod balance better. The 22lb drag is also amazing for heavy cover fishing. This reel is also very small; this is a pro and a con. The pro is that on a flippin' stick the reel is easy to palm making it very easy to fish with all day. The con is that it does not hold a lot of line which is why I do not recommend it for anything that requires a long cast. MTB and 13 Fishing will tell you that you can purchase a deeper spool but I would not put anymore money into this reel. For pitchin' and flippin' I recommend the 8.1:1 gear ratio for this application.



On: 12/2/2015


Great reel and 8;1:1 ratio is awesome great construction and eye appeal MTB is my one stop shop