Concept KP

Concept KP

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About This

13 Fishing Concept KP

The 5:3:1 will retrieve 21” of line per turn. This slow retrieving reel is ideal for most crankbait applications. The slower speed allows your lure to get down deeper and keeps your retrieve at an ideal speed. It also gives you more sensitivity to feel what your lure is doing and detect more bites.

The 6:6:1 will retrieve 26.1” of line per turn. This medium speed gear ratio is an all-purpose reel that that can be used for a wide variety of techniques including spinnerbaits, swimbaits, jerkbaits, topwater lures, and many more.

The 7:3:1 will retrieve 28.9” of line per turn. This fast speed gear ratio is great for techniques where you need to bring your lure in quick to make multiple casts or for scenarios where you need to bring a fish in quickly around heavy cover. This speed is ideal for flipping, pitching, worming, and frogging.

The 8:1:1 will retrieve 32” of line per turn. This very fast speed gear ratio is used for scenarios where you really need to bring in fish as fast as possible, like fishing in very heavy slop, cover, or around structure. Ideal for certain flipping, pitching, worming and frogging scenarios.

13 Fishing Concept KP Specs




Featherweight Magnesium

Side Plate Construction

Airfoil Carbon

Ball Bearings

3+7+1 Ceramic-Stainless Hybrid/Anti Corrosion Ball Bearings


Dead Stop Japanese NTN system


13LB Carbon Bulldog Drag

Braking System

6-way Centrifugal

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