ANGLR Tracker with FREE 3-month Logbook

ANGLR Tracker with FREE 3-month Logbook

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About This

ANGLR Tracker with FREE 3-month Logbook

Take your Game to the Next Level with Automated Fishing Data.

Connect the ANGLR Tracker to the free ANGLR App and automate your fishing log to crack the code to catching more fish.  The Tracker uses sensors to automatically capture and log key variables directly from your fishing rod.  Seamlessly building out a lifetime log of your locations, memories, and top-producing conditions.  Harness the knowledge of the pros and unlock the secret patterns of your waters to catch more!


Lifetime Fishing Log & Journal

  • Locations & Details of Every Catch: Have a record of every single catch with photos & details behind the locations, conditions, and tackle items used.
  • GPS Trip Tracking & Waypoints:  Reflect on minute-by-minute trip tracks and select from a variety of way-points to breakdown your water faster.
  • Universally Mount with any Rod: Tracker mounts universally to any fishing rod with a custom rubber mount that allows easy swapping between rods, its non-obtrusive, and takes no action from your fishing rod. 
  • Automated Weather & Water Data: Start a trip for automated recording of local weather and water conditions to your GPS coordinates.
  • Fishing Statistics: Compare your cast to catch ratio for every trip and see how you add up.  Learn the successful weather and water patterns, and gain a deeper understanding to your tackle.

Learn From Your Automated Fishing Log:

  • Easily Recognize Patterns: Review the variables behind every catch with local environmental trends (wind, air temperature, moon phase, barometric pressure, cloud coverage, precipitation, water flow, water temperature, gauge, and tide).  Learn what to look for and repeat successful trends to catch more fish the next time you’re on the water. 
  • Breakdown Your Water Faster: Reflect on past trips with minute-by-minute timelines and interactive satellite maps of your route. 
  • Determine Top-producing Tackle: Fish with a virtual tackle box of your most frequent throws to understand the optimal colors, sizes, and patterns given various locations, species, or conditions.  Put more confidence and less guesswork in the tackle you throw.  

All Your Memories at Your Fingertips:  Store every location, catch, tackle, weather, photo, and best fishing memories in on place.  Relive your favorite fishing moments with 

Product Specs

Bluetooth: Syncs wirelessly with Bluetooth on any Android or iOS phones.
Battery: Rechargeable Battery with over 24 hours of active tracking on a single charge.
Weight: 0.6 oz.
Size: 2.95” L .50” W .55” H
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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On: 11/15/2017

Great Tool Both On & Off the Water

I purchased an Anglr Tracker after seeing one on a friend's fishing rod. The app does a great job tracking all of your trips & catches along with the exact time, weather & water conditions. The Tracker extends this by attaching to your rod & counting your casts. You also get access to the LogBook website which is an analytics dashboard for your fishing data. If you fish as much as I do (every chance I get), then you know that having this information allows you to better decide where and when to fish.

The Tracker accurately counts all of my casts and works fine on my baitcaster, spinning & fly rods. It has a button on it to log catches so you don't have to dig out your phone on the water. The app also pulls water temp from local gauges which is great as I primarily fish from a kayak and don't have any electronics other than my phone with me.

I did have an issue with some of my trips showing the wrong type (ice fishing instead of trolling) and the trip times were off. I contacted Anglr support and was told they were pushing an update to fix these items. Later that week, everything was corrected. While these were minor annoyances, getting a quick response from support was reassuring.

As for improvements, it's occasionally difficult to tell if the Tracker button press registered with my phone. Also it'd be great if the software would allow me to share my trips and/or photos taken with the app to Facebook. These minor issues aside, the Tracker is a great tool for anyone who's serious about fishing and wants to improve their game.