Big BioSpawn Bundle

Big BioSpawn Bundle

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About This

Big BioSpawn Bundle

Creatures avoid predators by adapting to their surroundings and developing new defenses. BioSpawn creates artificial life-forms with attributes that stimulate predators to strike. We created a bundle of nine packs of the most effective BioSpawn baits on the market that big bass find irresistible.

We’re kicking it off with two packs of 4" go-to swimbaits with a perfect action at any speed. Countless hours under the microscope led to a bait with a tail motion and body roll will fool even the savviest gamefish. Plus, its ExoSkeleton profile displaces more water. Fish it on a spinnerbait, swim jig, keel weighted hook, or weightless.

Next up is a pack of 4” craws engineered to be the most versatile on the market. Their patented claw design provides unmatched action with a paddle-tail antennae that is sensitive to the slightest motion. Plus our innovative hook-slot means less snags and better hook-sets.

For the finesse fan, we’re serving up a pack of our 4.5” inch finesse worm designed for drop-shot fishing and other finesse techniques. The PlasmaTail is sure to attract a bass's attention from far away. Plus our variety of colors gives you many options for both stained and clear water. This is one bait that will become a must-have in your arsenal. As an added bonus, we’re also tossing in a pack of its 6.5” big brother. This larger version is amazing on a shaky head or Texas rigged. It's also great fished on the drop shot using a standard drop-shot hook or a power-shot setup.

Next are two packs of baits that are redefining the creature bait category. A perfect flipping bait, the body has flanged claws for enhanced action when trailing a jig or Texas rigged. The collapsible body slots along the ribs create air bubbles, ideal for dragging along the bottom on a Carolina Rig, or on a wobble head. We’re including two colors that will stimulate strikes from predators in a diverse range of presentations. The veined, segmented body was crafted with detail to resemble the creatures that big, trophy bass feast on!

Bass have seen thousands of stick-baits before, but they've never seen one like this. So finally, we’re tossing in two packs of a 5-inch stick bait engineered for extra tail wobble when twitching the bait. The jointed exoskeleton and slightly narrow tail give this stick bait an enhanced action unlike other stick baits on the market. This bait has heavier salt and softer plastic for a faster sink rate and more action.

NOTE: This box contains sample packs.

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