Bill Lewis Mini Trap 2.5"

Bill Lewis Mini Trap 2.5"

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About This

Bill Lewis Mini Trap 2.5"

The ultimate search bait in a compact size, the Bill Lewis Mini Trap measures just 2.5" long, and the sleek ¼ oz design casts like a rocket! To stay competitive, we all need to “size down” at some point. Whether due to heavy fishing pressure, or seasonal factors, sometimes fish just want a smaller profile. This lipless, vibrating crankbait covers water quickly, and you can vary the retrieve to hit different parts of the water column. You can go for a steady retrieve, as fast or slow as needed, or trigger strikes from bass who aren’t in a chasing mood by burning the bait with a few cranks, and then pausing for a tempting, slack-line fall. Ripping it through submerged grass is a tried-and-true tactic that catches bass all across the country!

Product Specs

Weight: 1/4oz
Length: 2 1/2"
Diving Depth: All Ranges
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