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6 AMAZING Soft Plastics You Should Be Using

6 AMAZING Soft Plastics You Should Be Using

Karl's Amazing Baits Hustler Worm

The Hustler Worm is Karl's take on the classic ribbon tail worm. This bait really shines on a Texas Rigged or screwed to a shaky head. Ben likes to use the Hustler Worm offshore around hard bottom areas and also around standing timber. The long slender body style allows the Hustler Worm to slip in and out of cover with ease making it a popular all-purpose soft plastic bait.

Karl's Amazing Baits Kickin Craw

The Karl's Amazing Baits Kickin Craw is going to be your new favorite flippin' bait or jig trailer. The appendages, body style, and craws are the perfect blend of water kicking action and realism making this affordable soft plastic something worth keeping around all season long.

Karl's Amazing Baits Double Wide

Look at the junk in the trunk of this chunk! Karl's Double Wide is a chunk-bait that adds a bulky presence to the back of your favorite jig.

The extra weight from this beefed up jig trailer will allow for further casts while the added surface area helps make skipping a jig easier. This trailer works best in murky or stained water when fish rely on vibrations more than sight to key in on forage.

Karl's Amazing Baits Freestyle Swimbait

When you think of shallow grass fishing you should also be thinking of Karl's Freestyle Swimbait. The perfect choice for targeting weed lines, emergent vegetation, or lily pads on a keel weighted or weightless EWG Hook.

Pro Tip: Rig the Karls Freestyle Swimbait weightless style and then burn it over sparse surface cover while occasionally stopping and pausing to let the plastic fall between the cracks of vegetation. Try this technique in warm, shallow water near grass and you're bound to get bit.

Karl's Amazing Baits Snacc Tube

Tubes are well known up north but they also lowkey crush fish in the south. Rig Karl's Amazing Baits Snacc Tube on a tube style jig head and fish offshore bass with ease. Look for boulders or structure changes and then drag and hop this tube through the high percentage areas with confidence. Also, try rigging the Snacc Tube on an EWG hook and start flipping your way to big limits.

Karl's Amazing Baits Waggle Worm

Karl's Amazing Baits Waggle worm is the ideal finesse worm for a weightless or weighted wacky rig set up. Pair this up on a flicky split hook and target shallow water bass hangouts like docks, brush, seawalls, or other areas you think they may be hiding.

Updated March 28th, 2019 at 10:03 AM CT