Catch Co. Flickity Split 1/0 - 1 Pack

Catch Co. Flickity Split 1/0 - 1 Pack

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About This

Catch Co. Flickity Split 1/0 - 1 Pack

The Flickity Split from Catch Co is a weighted jig head meant for the “flick shake” tactic. The Flick Shake tactic is basically a weighted wacky rig. Designed to fish for finicky bass, this tactic combines a weighted jig head and a wacky rigged worm. The best of both worlds no bass can resist, you’ll find the weighted jig head gives your worm a squirm most predators have never seen before. The hook is designed to prevent snags AND increase hook up ratios. You won’t be able to put this one down!


  • Reel: Spinning Size 3000
  • Rod: 7' Medium, Extra Fast Action
  • Line: 8-12lb Fluorocarbon or 15-20lb Braided

Product Specs

Hook Size: 1/0
Hook Color: Black
Weight: 1/8oz
Pack Size: 1 pack
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14 reviews | 4.95 out of 5

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On: 1/4/2019

Ol faithful

Never fails. Always a go to.



On: 10/9/2018

It’s Money

Last three days, all tough days. When all lures failed. The flicking split with a senko worm was 100% effective



On: 7/5/2018


Used this for the first time yesterday. Other Catch Co. terminal tackle and lures I've gotten in the past have been flimsy and break right away but this one has held up just fine. Went through a bag and a half of YUM Dingers with this hook yesterday. All LMB between 2 and 5.5 lbs.



On: 6/10/2018

Flickity split is dope

Slayed em the first time i tried it. Great little rig. Does tend to catch smaller fish but it catches fish none the less.



On: 6/5/2018

Excellent choice for ponds

This thing has not let me down yet. Every pond I've gone to it produces fish. This is not something I would have thought of thrown had MTB not sent it to me, but it is now one of my favorite ways to catch bass.



On: 6/4/2018

Love these things

I was excited to get them in my box but I knew with only getting one, it wouldn't be long before I needed to order more. Wish they came in packs of multiples so I don't worry about getting it snagged and losing it. Great hook, super sharp, and has helped me catch a bunch of great bass.



On: 5/24/2018


Man i had not caught a bass on a worm and when i tried this with worm in the May MTB box i nailed them bass. Stuff works!



On: 5/21/2018

Love this thing!

This piece of equipment slays some fish, and it is for a good price I’m definitely buying more!



On: 5/20/2018

Awesome Jighead!

The package said to fish it on a wacky rig so I did, and boy oh boy was that a good call. The weight of the jighead gave the soft plastic worm some good movement on the way down and the bass were slamming it. I had to give the flickity split some of the credit for sure.



On: 5/18/2018


Great product I caught so many fish with it



On: 5/15/2018

I absolutely loved how this felt in the water

Hooked into a few chunks with this fine rig



On: 5/11/2018

All day long

Can't go wrong with this. It separates the boys from the men.



On: 5/9/2018


Caught several bass using the two that I received in my MTB. Would love to buy more but cannot find them on the site



On: 5/8/2018

Very good, wish their was more than one hook

Very good hook love using it