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7 Reasons To Join A Tackle Subscription Service This Spring

7 Reasons To Join A Tackle Subscription Service This Spring

Ever since Mystery Tackle Box launched nearly 3 years ago, monthly tackle subscription services have been popping up right and left. Even though tens of thousands of anglers across the US and Canada are already getting baits from us each month, many have yet to try it. If you've been on the fence, here are a few reasons to subscribe this spring:

1) Learn or improve upon new techniques

Many anglers use our service to force them to try new techniques. There's nothing wrong with confidence baits, but when you only fish the same stuff you are missing out on opportunities to catch more fish.

2) Try new baits you've never used

Even if you are a versatile angler and experienced in many techniques, there are still so many baits out there that you have never tried. Tackle subscription services like Mystery Tackle Box help you find new baits you'll love. In fact, subscribers always email us to tell us we just helped them find a new favorite lure.

3) Save money on baits for the season

Heading into spring you'll want to have a good arsenal of baits that apply to the season. Mystery Tackle Box plans our boxes based on what the fish are doing, so you'll get baits that work great for the time of year. But the best part is that you'll get an awesome value. In fact, you'll tend to save 40% off retail priced PLUS free shipping. It's hard to beat that.

It's actually really fun

Many of our subscribers tell us that it is like "Christmas once a month." After all, what's better than getting a box of lures delivered to your door every month? The surprise alone is worth the money.

You may even win some prizes

We have fun giveaways and contests that give our subscribers chances to win extra fishing products every month, ranging from tackle to rods and reels. In fact, we have many new contests planned for spring and summer.

Get a free fishing magazine in every box

Almost every box includes an issue of the "Dibble Digest," our exclusive magazine with fishing tips from pros and in-depth information about the baits we send you. It's another great way to continue to improve your fishing game.

Species-specific boxes are here

Over the winter we added more species options. Now you can subscribe to boxes for bass fishing, saltwater fishing, panfishing, and seasonal ice fishing boxes (November-March).

You can get your first box for just $4.99 today

Now is the time to sign up in time for spring. Just use the code GET499 at checkout and get your first box for just $4.99. It's free shipping and you can cancel any time. Click here to select your species.

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Updated February 7th, 2022 at 6:12 AM CT