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7 Winter Fishing Baits You'll Need In Your Tackle Box

7 Winter Fishing Baits You'll Need In Your Tackle Box

Fishing can get tough in those winter months. But, if you are lucky enough to live in a place where your lakes don't freeze over, here are seven lures that will help you with some awesome winter fishing. Remember to focus on the regular winter spots, including moving water, deep holes, and the tailraces below a dam.

Don't Look Past The Line

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Braided line holds water more than monofilament or fluorocarbon, so if the water temperatures dip below freezing. It becomes a hassle when ice sticks to the line. Fluorocarbon well in the winter can become brittle in the winter months, so many anglers prefer using monofilament in the winter months.

1. Jerkbait

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A suspending or slow sinking jerkbait can work really well when the water temperatures drop and the winter fishing season kicks in. Remember to change your cadence often, alternating jerks and lengths of pauses.

2. Underspins

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Rig it up with your favorite swimbait body and let it sink to the bottom of the water column. From there you can slow roll your underspin across the cover or even jerk it off the bottom and let it sink back down. It’s all about the presentation with this one!

3. Blade baits

10,000 Fish DeathStalker

Often underutilized, these lures can catch some big fish in the winter months. It’s most often fished by vertical jigging but you can do any variation on it you want. As the bait sinks, it slowly flutters and flashes to the bottom making it irresistible to bass. Winter fishing is prime season for blade baits.

4. Small Jigs

Tight Rope Baby Finesse Jig

Finesse jig, casting jig, or even a football jig will work. Cast it out and slowly drag it across the bottom. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different-sized trailers. If you’re not getting bit, consider downsizing by trimming up the skirt.

5. Drop Shot Rig

Probably the ultimate finesse technique for winter fishing, bass anglers are always throwing the drop shot when the bite is tough. Natural colors like green pumpkin work great during the winter months. Keep varying your leader length until you find those suspended fish!

6. Soft Plastic Grubs

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When most people think of a grub they think of panfish. However, when the fish are hard to catch, a jig head and a grub can be a deadly presentation. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

7. Spybait

Jenko Fishing Shinobi Shad
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This up-and-coming bait has gotten a lot of attention since the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament on Lake St. Clair this year. A great suspending lure for winter fishing, the spybait can be fishing slow or fast in almost any depth. Be sure to give one a try!

Updated February 17th, 2022 at 6:58 AM CT