5 Topwater Lures That Will Catch You More Fish

The best topwater lures vary depending on conditions, bodies of water, and of course, between anglers.  Knowing this, we have created a list of five of the best topwater lures, according to our team. Take a quick peek and hopefully it helps you spend a little less time in your tackle box and more time ripping lips.

1. Monsterbass The Patriot

Best Topwater Fishing

A classic walk-the-dog style topwater like The MonsterBass Patriot is an important tool on the belt for any topwater angler. The ability to cover water while creating a loud and enticing action across the surface helps trigger insane blow-ups from both brown and green bass. Throw it around points, docks, creek-mouths, or around schooling baitfish and you’ll get lit up. The crackled look helps separate your bait from the rest of the pack!

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2. River2Sea Whopper Plopper

Best Topwater Fishing

Inspired by a musky lure design, the Whopper Plopper from River2Sea took the Bass industry by storm a few years back. Unlike any top-water bait we’ve seen before, this bad-boy creates a plopping noise upon retrieval that just screams big fish. Coming in a variety of sizes the whopper plopper is a truly one of a kind bait that puts off a new look and sound bass can’t deny.

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3. S.P.R.O. Bronzeye Frog

Best Topwater Fishing

Designed by B.A.S.S Elite Dean Rojas, this frog should be in every frog anglers tackle box. The original, and industry standard, in hollow bodied frogs, this thing walks like a dream,  skips well, and casts a country mile.  Throw it around pads, grass, mats and hold on. When a fish strikes it is important to be patient and give a brief pause before reeling down and setting the hook. It’s much easier said than done, but reacting calmly and waiting a second will help increase your hook up ratio. If you haven’t already given this dude a try, it’s one of the best topwater lures there is.

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4. Teckel Sprinker

Best Topwater Lures

The Teckel Sprinker is the brainchild of famed Japanese lure maker and tournament angler, Hidecki Maeda. It’s a cross between a hollow-bodied frog and a buzz bait, which opens the doors of new froggin’ opportunities. Buzz this bass magnet around grass, in between pads, or in open water and a biggun’ will come up and slurp it down. This unique look, sound, and action from this bad-boy is sure to drive your local bass wild.

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5. Damiki Buzz Bait


Best Topwater Lures

Buzzbaits are one of the best topwater lures, and you’ll see them rigged up on rods all summer long. The loud buzzing and clicking action create a disturbance atop the water to trigger strikes from curious fish close enough to hone in on the abnormal noise.  The hook/skirt combo design also helps to avoid snagging when you fish the buzzbait around laydowns or timber. The baitfish profile is enhanced by the “clicking” sound you receive from the blade.

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