COMING SOON! Googan Squad Filthy Frog

COMING SOON! Googan Squad Filthy Frog

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About This

COMING SOON! Googan Squad Filthy Frog

The Filthy Frog from Googan Baits is an awesome, hollow-bodied topwater bait that really cleans up in the slop. Its weedless design allows you to drag this bait through the thickest cover, and the bait's narrow-body presents a perfect frog profile. The Filthy Frog is weighted so you can cast it far and cover plenty of water. The body is designed to keep water out, so the lure stays balanced during your retrieve. The rubber legs give this bait a lively action; they're fastened to the bait from the inside and they'll never pull out, even after the harsh treatment dished out by aggressive bass, pike, or other frog-loving species. Frog fishing is fun; the cheeky message, "Eat Me," on this frog's back will put a smile on your face, but, after you witness the kind of explosive topwater strikes that this bait can trigger, things will get serious, fast! That's when the Filthy Frog's wide-gap double hook, comes into play; the strong, ultra sharp hooks dig in and won't let go. Add Googan Baits' Filthy Frog to your tackle box today!

Gear Recommendations:

Googan Squad Braided Line 40-65lb 

Medium-heavy to heavy casting rods with fast action

7.1:1 - 8.1:1 gear ratio casting reel

Pro Tips: Trim one of the Filthy Frogs skirted legs shorter than the other to increase the baits walking ability! 

NOTE: Due to limited supply, limit 2 per color

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