BioSpawn’s VileTube Brings A Fresh Look To An Old School Soft Plastic

The BioSpawn VileTube hits Karl’s on 3/30/2022.
3.5″ inch tubes 6 per pack. 12 tasty colors.

BioSpawn Lures is thrilled to announce the release of the all-new BioSpawn VileTube, a 3.5″ soft plastic tube crafted with the BioSpawn brand’s signature features. In addition to the standard tube tentacles, the VileTube features a pair of wings running down its side, which create a gliding action as the bait descends.

Another stand-out feature is the PlasmaTail antennae accompanying the standard tube tail end. The added bulk and distinctive waving action from the VileTube’s backend will draw fish in no matter how you retrieve it. 

Infused with salt and sauced with the signature BioScent, the VileTube is ready to catch them right out of the bag. Available in 12 tasty color options.

New School Takes On An Old School Lure

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The tube jig is a legendary, old-school soft plastic that has fallen off in the last decade with the rise of other finesse techniques like the Ned Rig, Drop Shot, or Neko Rig. While they don’t get the attention like other finesse clear water rigs, having the right tube in your hand can be deadly for all bass, not just smallmouth. 

A tube traditionally has two use cases: the first being used to hop or drag along the bottom with an internal jighead primarily for smallmouth bass up north. The second is used with a flipping weight & hook for largemouth across the country. 

BioSpawn fishing believes that exceptional and innovative fishing products should continue to evolve, and that’s what you get with the new VileTube. Tweaks, fresh takes, and creative ideas centered around catching more fish. At times, the adjustments might be slight, and sometimes they might be drastic, but every tweak is intentional and designed to catch more fish.

How To Rig & Fish The BioSpawn VileTube

How do you rig and set up the BioSpawn VileTube? 

Ideal setup on a Tube jig hook (1/8oz-1/2oz) or you can pair it with a Texas rig (⅛-½ oz weight, 3/0-4/0 flipping hook)

Pro Tips For Traditional Tube Jigging

BioSpawn VileTube - Packaging

When using a tube jig hook, try slowly dragging it along the bottom or snapping the VileTube off the bottom and let it slowly glide back down to attract bites. Feel for the light tick of a bite, and set the hook! Look for hard bottoms like sand and rock to fish the VileTube with a tube jig hook. 

Flip ‘Em The Tube Texas Style

BioSpawn VileTube - Texas Rigged

Look for standard flipping target areas like docks, lily pads, laydowns when fishing the VileTube on a texas rig. When bass are feeding on crawfish or gobies, the VileTube excels when hopped along the bottom.

Gear Suggestions For The BioSpawn VileTube

The Best Line For Fishing Tubes

  • Jig Hook Fluorocarbon 8-14lb 
  • Texas Rig – Fluorocarbon 14-20lb or 30-65lb Braided Line

The Best Rod For Fishing Tubes

  • Tube Jig: 7′ – 7’3″ Medium to Medium-Heavy spinning rod 
  • Texas Rig – 7′ – 7’6″ Medium-Heavy-Heavy casting rod

The Best Reel For Fishing Tubes

  • Tube Jig: 2500-3000 Size Spinning Reel for the tube jig hook
  • Casting: 150-200 size casting reel with a high-speed gear ratio for Texas rigging

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