Black Friday Fishing Deals For Any Angler (2020 Edition)

Black Friday fishing deals only come around once a year, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out on the savings. Don’t break the bank for your tackle, save some money and load up with all of these black Friday fishing deals!

1. Mystery Tackle Box

Why it makes a great fishing gift:

A fun way for anglers to discover new lures every month, takes the guessing out of buying tackle, gift recipients can select their species and customize their account, great value and free shipping.

Mystery Tackle Box is the original and largest monthly tackle subscription, with millions of boxes shipped (and counting). Every month anglers will receive fishing products from top brands, customized to catch the species the recipient fishes for. In addition to tackle, subscribers receive custom stickers & decals, contests, a fishing magazine, and more! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Karl’s Ugly Fishmas Shirts

Why it makes a great fishing gift:

Get swagged out this Holiday season with any of Karl’sUgly Fishmas long sleeve shirts. This warm and comfy long sleeve tee is the perfect choice for any anglers in your life.

3. Googan Squad Mondo Kits

Why it makes a great fishing gift:

The Googan Squad Mondo Kit is loaded with 5 high-quality, Googan Squad designed lures from the legendary crew of YouTube anglers. Each Googan Squad Mondo Kit Squad will fill you up with new and innovative tackle while helping save a boatload of money!

Mondo Kit Dangler
Karl’s Club$11.19
Mondo Kit Bigguns
Karl’s Club$14.88
Mondo Kit Bigguns XL
Karl’s Club$23.79

4. Specialty And Technique Boxes

Power Fishing Kit

Why it makes a great fishing gift:

Tackle a new fishing technique with any of our technique-specific Specialty Boxes. Designed by our team of angling experts, each box arrives with all the tools needed to take on a distinct fishing technique.

These all in one boxes work for both advanced and entry-level anglers. Each specialty box provides anglers with exactly what they need in order to fish a technique effectively and confidently. With different boxes at different price points, there is a box option for just about anyone.

Technique Boxes Options:

5. Fishing Rods And Reels Up To 50% Off

Save BIG on a slick reel, rod, or fishing combo from the industry leading brands. Spinning, casting, and entry-level rods available at different price points to fit any angler’s needs.

2020 Black Friday Fishing Deals: Baitcasting Rod and Reels
Quantum Escalade HD Casting Rod – $26.99 Karl’s Club Price
13 Fishing Concept A Casting Reel – $78.75 Karl’s Club Price

2020 Black Friday Fishing Deals: Spinning Rod and Reels
13 Fishing Creed Spinning Reel – $44.79 Karl’s Club Price
Fitzgerald Vursa Spinning Rod – $116.99 Karl’s Club Price

2020 Black Friday Fishing Deals
Mitchell Avocet RZT Spinning Combo – $39.99 Karl’s Club (Spinning)
Lews Mach Smash SLP Baitcasting Combo – $139.99 Karl’s Club (Casting)
Zebco 33 Black Spincast Combo – $35.99 Karl’s Club Price (Spincast)

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