Karl's Mystery Grab Bags

Karl's Mystery Grab Bags

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Karl's Mystery Grab Bags

We know there’s no such thing as “too much tackle,” but we have too much tackle. To clear room for all of the exciting new products we have lined up, we need to empty our massive tackle room. For a limited time, you can get a Mystery Grab Bag! Some of our past favorites from crankbaits to jigs and worms to grubs need to go and you can take them off our hands at a huge discount. Order now as these are only available while supplies last!

Freshwater Grab Bag - MSRP value: $41.11 and up - Will contain items for Bass, Panfish, Trout, Catfish, Walleye and Ice Fishing

Bass Only Grab Bag - MSRP value: $44.56 and up - Will contain items targeted for Bass

Saltwwater Grab Bag - MSRP value: $42.13 and up - Will contain items for Redfish, Speckled Trout, Snook, and Flounder

*Ordering more than one Mystery Grab Bag could result in the same bait & tackle!

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On: 2/15/2019

so great!

This is so great i came while opening it absloute unti of a box



On: 12/25/2018

Very happy husband...

Husband won't shut up about what he got in his grab bag (box?)...Thank you, MTB for putting a smile on hubby's face this xmas!



On: 12/4/2018

Highly Pleased

For Black Friday I bought the BioSpawn box, the Hardbait box, and got two Mystery Grab Bag Boxes. I am so incredibly pleased with all of them, especially the Mystery Box. It came with a lot of good stuff. Some of them were doubles, but I love the fact that I have a backup in case I lose the other. Always satisfied with Karl's.



On: 1/12/2018

Great Box

Got if for my 10y old for the holidays. He loves fishing and really liked the selection.



On: 1/9/2018

simply awesome

As a northern angler fishing the new England waters alot of what our local tackle shop offer is mostly for striper fishing and local fresh water species. This box comes with such a variety of baits and tackle that you are able to try things that you wouldn't normally find up here. Stripers aren't very picky when it comes to what they will swipe at and to be able to try different baits designed for other species and see if they work here is always a fun and exciting trip to the water. Alot of what is sent can also be used in fresh water situations too. These are amazingly versatile and fun boxes to try.



On: 1/8/2018

Great gift.

I buy this for my boys every year for Christmas they love it!



On: 1/8/2018

Not good for striped bass

The box was ok and looks like it has some ok lures for redfish and maybe some snook there was nothing that was directed for striped bass or bluefish. If I were more southern and targeted snook or redfish I would have given it a 3.5-4



On: 1/8/2018


I have ordered twice and I almost got the same as the first order.I think it needs more pre-rigged soft lures and hard baits.



On: 1/8/2018

Mystery grab bag

This bag was awesome hard to beat for the price



On: 1/8/2018

Even better than I expected!

I live in Colorado, but I'm headed to Punta Gorda, Florida for a week to visit my dad and fish for snook and redfish, so I ordered the mystery saltwater grab bag and it turned out to be an amazing deal! I got 11 baits in my box! It was packed, and they're all great baits too. I got a mix of hard baits, soft plastics, terminal tackle, and even some fish attractant! MTB is the best tackle subscription out there! The mystery baits and grab bags set them apart from the others. I had an LTB membership for a year. LTB wasn't bad, but MTB is hands down the number 1 box you can get!



On: 10/14/2017


The best and nothing but the best



On: 9/24/2017

It's awesome

This whole thing is awesome catch snook all the time w it



On: 7/30/2017

Just got my Salt water mystery grab

Came with a variety of plastics as I expected and a couple things I think will be fun to try.



On: 7/23/2017


Greatest gear and service



On: 7/20/2017

Best thing ever

This is great and even better 50% off