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Can This Russian Guy Please Stop Catching Disgusting Sea Monsters?

Roman Fedorstov is an absolute madman. He spends months at a time in the most remote parts of the ocean, fishing for undiscovered, terrifying creatures of the depths. But, like, why? Did I really need to know this exists?

russian sea creature

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What’s This Guy’s Deal?

I’ve already made it very clear I don’t plan on ever swimming in the ocean again. On more than one occasion. Firmly declared even. But now, I’m thinking I might not even get too far out there on a boat. Knowing this genetically dis-formed cod exists does no good for me. He looks like the type of cod to just ram into the boat while I’m catching some z’s for no reason.

Long story short here is when it comes to the ocean, let’s just leave the deepest, darkest parts of it undiscovered. Those things had the gritty survival skills to not even board Noah’s Ark. They weathered that storm on their own. We didn’t need them messing with us land-dwellers then, and we certainly don’t need them now.

My Plea To Deep Sea Angler Roman Fedorstov

When you return from this trip to the unknown, just maybe don’t show me the insane stuff you catch. I don’t need to know if you caught something that looks like a creature encountered a real life sharknado. My grandma is cruising the Atlantic soon and I’ll be worried sick about her if you do. Just show me the cute stuff and the stuff that might taste good.

I want to see these:

Not these:

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