5 Reasons Why Carp Fishing Is Awesome: Explained Simply In Under 2 Minutes

Considered a nuisance by many, the common carp gets a bad wrap. While they can be destructive, common carp are available to most of us and can be extremely fun to catch.

Here are 5 reasons why fishing for common carp rules:

1) Carp Are Abundantly Available 
mystery tackle box carp fishing

Common carp, or European carp, were introduced to the United States in the mid 1800s and can now be found in nearly every river, lake, pond, and reservoir from Connecticut to California.

2) Carp Come Super Sized
bottom fishing with night crawlers

Common carp grow fast and live long, with the average fish measuring between 15-31 inches. Anglers who target carp have a legitimate chance of catching the biggest fish of their life, and oftentimes it’s not far from home.

3) Carp Are Hard Fighting
chris bulaw fly fishing for carp

During battle, common carp peel drag and push water in a series of epic surges. They rarely give up and are pound-for-pound, one tough scrappy fish.

4) Carp Fishing Requires Simple Rigging 
nightcrawlers for carp fishing

The equipment list for carp fishing is short. A medium to medium heavy powered rod, some weights, a hook, and your bait of choice.

Worms, corn, and bread balls are popular options for casual carp anglers. If legal, ‘’chum’’ your target zone by throwing a handful of corn near where you plan to cast; this brings the fish to you.

5) Carp Are Approachable For New Anglers
Carp fishing kid

Carp are often underappreciated and are usually located in places where new anglers fishing from the bank can access. With simple techniques, patience, and a little luck, anyone can catch a hard fighting carp. Do a little research and then get after it, there are big carp swimming somewhere near you.

While we don’t have the classic carp baits like canned corn, Jello or Wheaties, Karl’s Bait & Tackle does have the rods, reels, hooks, line, and weights you need to go carp fishing.

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