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5 Fall Fishing Baits To Help You Catch A Giant Bass

5 Fall Fishing Baits To Help You Catch A Giant Bass

We've broken down the top fall bass baits to help you catch more fish this season. The fall is a special time of year to be both in the woods or on the water. While many of us have our minds on football or hunting season, the fall months are also a great time to be spent on the water chasing big bass.

The fall transition may begin and end at different times, depending on where you call home, but there is no doubt these 5 baits will work for all of us as temperatures begin to drop. Maximize your time on the water this fall by using our favorite 5 fall baits.

1. Best Fall Bass Baits: Crankbaits

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Crankbaits come in an endless amounts of shapes and sizes, but there are a certain few that really shine during the fall. Bass will push up shallow as the season progresses and become hungrier as autumn begins to settle in. Having a square bill crankbait to cover water and resemble forage is a great tool for this time of year. Look for cover and deflect your lure off bass hangouts likes wood, brush, and rock. As shad and baitfish populations congregate in the shallows, try throwing minnow, shad, and sunfish patterns for best results.

In addition to shallow diving crankbaits, a lipless crankbait is another great option, especially in the late fall. The tight shimmy action is deadly in cool water and will often get bit when a wide swinging crank will not. Fishing lipless cranks shallow on windy days is always a safe bet, especially when you find grass.

2. Best Fall Bass Baits: Jigs

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Jigs will catch fish all year long, and they seem to crush even more during the fall months. While there are specialty jigs that work well for specific techniques, a true all-around jig is usually my top choice during this time of year. A hybrid jig that can be worked through grass, around cover, and even off structure if need be is a good ‘all-around’ choice. Try dragging, hopping, and slowly swimming your jig around areas where you think the big ones play, and you’ve got a good chance at catching a fall mega.

3. Best Fall Bass Baits: Spinnerbait

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A spinnerbait is classic fall bait which works at a variety of speeds, depths and water types making it an easy choice for our Top 5 fall baits! The two most common spinnerbait blades are Willow and Colorado Blades, both of which will work during the fall, however, new blade styles like the turtleback blade of the Catch Co. Tight Rope Bite Getter are also popular with anglers and fish alike. Banging spinnerbaits off docks, wood, and other cover helps trigger bites throughout the fall months. When fishing in open water, give your spinnerbait twitches and pops to create some irregularity in your retrieve. A subtle change in speed, direction, or look can help garner strikes.

4. Best Fall Bass Baits: Jerkbaits

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Cold water bass fishing wouldn’t be the same without suspending jerkbaits. Their shape, cadence, and action are very effective as the weather begins to drop and leaves start to turn. Once the acorns start falling from Oak trees, you know that #JerkbaitSZN has started. Bust out your favorite jerkbait and start crushing green and brown ones! The traditional ‘twitch, twitch pause’ retrieve will work most of the time, but try experimenting with speed and lengthier pauses if you notice that fish are not fully committing. Don’t be afraid to really rip your jerkbait hard in the fall, the added flash and distance created will often almost force the fish into eating. It gives them less time to make a decision, which can create reaction bites.

5. Best Fall Bass Baits: Finesse Worm

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A savvy angler won’t leave the dock without a finesse worm at all times, and this is especially true during the fall period. Finesse worms can be rigged and worked in so many ways it’s easy to understand why they make the list, simply based on it's versatility.

If you come across a tough fall bite, a finesse worm wacky rigged or on a drop shot may turn into your new best friend and one of your favorite fall baits. Finesse worms will help you fish an area thoroughly and trigger extra bites when things are tough.

Updated September 8th, 2023 at 10:25 AM CT