The 11 Types Of Fisherman You’ll Meet At The Lake

When you get out on the water, you are sure to run into some interesting characters. It is only natural when you’re involved in a sport as popular as fishing that eventually you’ll meet TONS of the same type of people, and they’re often the worst people to fish with. Here are the 11 types of fisherman you’ll meet at every lake! Be sure to comment and let us know which of these you are, and which your friends are!

1. Mr. Tips/Tricks

fishing advice

I’d love to know a good spot on the lake! But please don’t tell me exactly what knot to tie, which bait to use, where to cast, and where to eat on my way home.

2. Mr. Casts Across Your Line


This is just one of the worst things any fisherman you’ll meet at the lake can ever do.

3. Little Kids Catching Everything

kid catching fish

Nothing can humble you like getting skunked while a 5 year old fills his stringer with a Snoopy pole.

4. The Bored Guy Dragged By His Dad

fishing is boring

It’s great when you can get your kids involved in fishing. For some reason, though, not everyone loves it.

5. The Hipster Not Even Fishing

hipster fishing

He’s just outside to read a paperback book and take Polaroids. Right where you’re trying to fish.

6. Mr. Excuses

fishing excuses

The sun’s too bright, the moon’s in the wrong phase, I was cursed by a voodoo witch. Anything other than admitting you just got skunked!

7. Adult Boy Scout

fishing boy scout

Just trying to fish a golf course pond and this guy is making sure he earns his insect study merit badge.

8. The Guy With All The Gear

fishing gear

Vest, hat, trendy new lures. This is the guy that always has to have the best new fishing gear, no matter what it costs.

9. The Superstitious One

fishing superstition

Wear the lucky rabbits foot, NEVER cast near a black cat or under a ladder, and don’t even invite him on the water on Friday the 13th.

10. The Frugal One

help me im poor

Why spend $17 each on Lucky Craft Lures when you can dig up a worm, bend a screw and tie it to the end of a branch with a shoelace?

11. The Instagram Star

selfie fail

When you’re just trying to fish, but the guy next to you is debating which filter to put on his photo of the sunset of the lake. Kills me every time.

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