5 Ultimate Smallmouth Bass Baits: The Juice Episode 13

We’re back with another edition of “The Juice” a video series that highlights new and premium products available at Karl’s Bait & Tackle. In this episode, Jim Ansell, of Reel Deal Outdoors showcases 5 of his favorite baits for targeting smallmouth bass. From moving baits, to finesse jigs and plastics, this list includes all of the heavy hitters for wrangling with springtime smallmouth.

Here is a deeper look at the 5 products highlighted in the video above:

1) 10,000 Fish Sukoshi Bug

The 10,000 Sukoshi Bug is smallmouth candy

The Sukoshi Bug from 10,000 Fish is a minimalist, finesse creature bait. The design features a ribbed body made from Stretch-X Plastic, topped off with 6 flapping appendages near the head. The downsized body and tantalizing appendages will make it your new favorite ned rig bait.

Pair the Sukoshi Bug with a ned rig jig head or on the back of a finesse jig to mimic crawfish scurrying along the bottom.

smallmouth bass baits
Stock Up On The Sukoshi Bug

2) Rapala DT-4 Crankbait

smallmouth bass baits
Start Crankin’ ’em In With The Rapala DT Series

The Rapala DT-4 crankbaits are made from the finest balsa wood and outfitted with carefully placed internal weights. The tapered body and thin tail design creates a side-to-side action with a quick, nose-down dive from an ultra-thin polycarbonate lip. It features an internal rattle for added sound performance. 

Length: 2″
Weight: 5/16 oz
Diving Depth: 4ft

3) X Zone Lures Pro Series X Tube

smallmouth bass baits
Load Up On The Pro Series X Tube

The X Zone Lures Pro Series X-Tube is a soft-bodied plastic tube featuring all the attributes serious anglers look for in tube bait. Natural color patterns, realistic features, and soft supple plastic help the X-Tube’s stand out from the pack.

Pair your baits with a tube jig to resemble the action of a crawfish or goby. Try rigging the Pro Series X-Tube Texas style for a low-key deadly flipping bait. The slender body style and subtle movement of a tube bait make it an exceptional flipping bait that most anglers aren’t using. Keep that one between us, though.

4) Terminator Finesse Jig

smallmouth bass baits
Slim Down With The Terminator Finesse Jig

The Terminator Finesse Jig is a perfect snack for any bass lurking below. Thriving in clear water, the balanced head design and silicone skirt makes for an inticing fall that even finicky fish can’t resist. The stainless steel cable affirms that your presentation stays in the strike zone, while you’ll stick fish every time with the super-sticky medium wire VMC hook. Available in colors for every fishing presentation.

5) Googan Squad Jr. Scout

smallmouth bass baits
Start Ripping With The Googan Squad Jr. Scout

The Googan Squad Jr. Scout is a 3.5-inch hard-bodied jerkbait that looks and swims like a small baitfish — the Googan Jr. Scout operates best on spinning rods with light line. Tie this bad dude on whenever bass are feeding on smaller minnows or shad. The small profile and tasty colorways help this little ripper get bites — each Googan Squad Jr. Scout has a lifelike integrated lateral line that adds realism.

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