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How To Fish Flutter Spoons For Walleye Bites In Open Water

Using flutter spoons for walleye is a very popular technique during the ice fishing season, but also very effective in open water. Spoons offer an irresistibly erratic action while helping anglers cover water. These two inherent qualities makes spooning for walleye a popular choice for anglers, wherever walleye can be found.The color, weight, style and design make all the difference, so make sure to have the right tool for the job. Matching your bait with the forage size walleye are feeding on will help you illicit more strikes.When trying a new spoon out, I like to practice jigging it in shallow clear water to see how my movements with the rod impart action on the bait. Try this right off the boat or dock, where you have a clear view of the spoon and all the action coming with it. Once you have a better idea how the lure reacts to your movements, you’ll be able to picture the way your bait dances while deeper underwater. I can’t stress this enough, knowing how your bait responds to the action you impart will help provide a more natural presentation, which results in more bites.

Why Use Flutter Spoons For Walleye?

Spoons have a few major features that separate them from other lure types commonly used for walleyes. Spoons run much faster than most other walleye baits, and allow you to fish higher speeds than most presentations. This does two things: cover water quickly, and pick out the most aggressive and active fish.Most days, the smaller flutter spoons for walleye will trigger more bites, although on occasion the larger spoons will result in a higher catch rate. The best color choices can change throughout the seasons according to forage, water clarity and aggressiveness. Generally chartreuse, orange, red, green, and pink are the top colors for me.Spoons work especially well when walleye are schooled up in tight groups feeding on minnow forage. The added competition of the school, mixed with the natural action of a spoon, will trigger bites most of the time.

Trolling Flutter Spoons For Walleye

Anglers also troll small spoons on a three-way rig. This takes the spoon down to the desired depth. Some anglers even add a minnow head, or rub a little scent on the spoon, in effort to increase the catch rates. The added scent is not always needed but if it helps an angler believe they’re going to catch more fish, then why not?Whether you’re about to hang up the spoons until next season or you’re new to the spooning game, give these bad-boys a try this season. You should fill the livewell in no time.Learn More About Walleye:

Updated September 28th, 2020 at 9:54 AM CT