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Fresh Catches - The Latest Lures & Gear Available At Karl's

Fresh Catches - The Latest Lures & Gear Available At Karl's

As we continue to roll out new lures, tackle, and fishing gear at Karl's, I'm going to provide weekly rundown on the stuff that excites me the most. This week you'll find pro-designed crankbaits, spinning and casting combos for under $100 bucks, and swaggy gear from Simms that will make any angler comfortable.

Karl's Freshest Catches Of The Week:

Rapala OG Tiny

$8.09 Karl's Club Member Price
$8.99 Non-Member Price

The Rapala OG Tiny is balsa bait that is the brainchild of Ott DeFoe. It is thin and flat sided which gives the bait a tight wobble, making it perfect for finesse applications.

Tie this bad boy on and start targeting shallow rip rap banks and other premium shallow water spots.

Lews American Hero Baitcasting Combo

Price: $99

If you want a tough rod to pair with a tough baitcasting reel, the American Hero Casting Combo won't let you down. Lightweight graphite reel seats and cushioned stainless steel hoods, plus split-grip EVA handles. This durable rod is built to last, and features a premium stainless steel titanium coated hook keeper.

Pflueger President Spinning Combo

$71.99 Karl's Club Member Price
$79.99 Non-Member Price

The Pfueger President Spinning Combo gets the job done. The President spinning reel is first in its class in both features and performance, delivering a reel that will impress over and over again. Pair this reel with an IM-8 rod and you have an unbeatable combination.

Postfly Wade Rod Co. Ripper Fly Rod/Reel Combo

$179.96 Karl's Club Member Price
$199.95 Non-Member Price

The Ripper Combo: everything you've dreamed of in a fly rod and reel. Plus fly line, backing, and a travel case to take your show on the road. The 9' 5WT is a go-to size and weight combination for an all-purpose trout rod. A blast for brand new and seasoned pros alike. Bring your favorite dry flies, streamers, and nymphs to salt or freshwater and get catchin'.

Simms Walleye Icon Trucker

Price: $29.95

Unless it's nighttime, or extremely cloudy, you need a brimmed hat of some kind while fishing, and most anglers opt for a classic ball cap. That's what the Simms Walleye Icon Trucker Hat is—a true classic. This time-tested style looks great, but it has a serious function too: keeping the sun out of your eyes. The cap's low-crown fit and blacked-out under-brim lets you escape glaring sunlight and focus on the fish. The front of the Simms Walleye Icon Trucker Hat is 100% cotton twill, and it sports an image of a walleye in silhouette. You'll feel as cool as you look, thanks to ventilation provided by the cap's mesh back. At 3.4oz, it's not especially heavy, and it's one-size-fits-all. Here's a chance to merge style and function in your choice of headgear—go for the Simms Walleye Icon Trucker Hat today!

Simms Wool Half Finger Mitt

Price: $29.99

A rising star in the Simms glove lineup. Low-bulk warmth, to keep your dexterity in peak form. TPU palm overlays made with high stretch, comfort-knit wool/nylon blend for enhanced grip. Throw 'em on and get fishing.

Updated April 26th, 2022 at 10:13 AM CT