Two More 14lb+ Largemouth Caught From Texas Big Bass Factory

Over the last two seasons, O.H. Ivie Lake in central Texas has become one of the country’s most talked-about big bass fisheries. Why do you ask? Well, mainly because of the insanely large, deep-bellied bass that keep popping up on anglers’ boat decks during the Winter and early Spring.

Classic cool water tactics like slowly winding Alabama Rigs and swimbaits offshore are two standby techniques among trophy hunters who rely heavily on electronics when targeting the lakes monster largemouth.

Most recently, two Texans working in the fishing industry, one as a Lake Fork fishing guide and the other as a fishing YouTube personality, each brought in s 14lb+ bass while fishing O.H. Ivie Lake.

Tyler Anderson, of the Tyler’s Reel Fishing YouTube channel, caught a 14.48lb largemouth on January 5th while chucking an Alabama Rig.

Big Texas Bass - Tyler Reel Fishing
Tyler Anderson with a 14.48 Texas largemouth bass caught January 5th, 2022.

“I stumbled upon a school of what looked to be eight or nine fish,” said Anderson. “My cast ended up being a little too short and landed right on top of where they were. My Alabama Rig fell right into the school of fish, but I didn’t even have to retrieve the lure. I lifted it right up and started my retrieve and the fish was already on there. 

Tyler Anderson via San Angelo News

Local Guide Catches Certified Lunker

It happened again only three days later, but this time it was with Wendall Ramsey, a fishing guide from West Texas who picked up his Alabama rig while fishing with a few young anglers.

Share Lunker Texas Bass - Wendall Ramsey
Wendell Ramsey with a 14.92 largemouth caught January 8, 2022.

It was slow, and we moved around the lake to some different spots before we circled back to where we started. I spotted a fish suspended in about 14 feet of water and quickly grabbed a fishing pole. I sent the cast past the fish and slowly let it go down to about eight feet before I started reeling. The fish hit the bait. And when I set the hook, it didn’t budge, so I knew it was a really big fish.

Wendell Ramsey via San Angelo News

Why Bass Fishing Is Bigger In Texas

Texas State & Wildlife developed the Share Lunker program, which helps cultivate a community around growing giant bass in Texas lakes and rivers. By reporting, sharing catches, and utilizing the genes of trophy-sized fish, the state can help maintain a population of mega bass swimming throughout Texas.

Anybody who catches a bass weighing over 8 pounds or measuring more than 24 inches can participate in the Texas ShareLunker program. And if the fish meets certain standards, you might receive fishing swag, a replica mount, or entry to the Texas Lunkers club.

The Texas State Record Largemouth Bass

Texas State Record Largemouth Bass
Barry St. Clair with the 18.18 pound Texas state record largemouth he caught in1992 while fishing Lake Fork.
*Source: Fish Tech Outdoors

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