Fishing CEO Reviews The Googan Squad Clickbait (what they really think)

This article was written by Catch Co founder and CEO Ross Gordon, who posted his review to our Fishing Free For All Facebook Page.

Ok, y’all, the Clickbait just went live on Karl’s this morning and being that I’ve seen the behind-the-scenes for how the Clickbait has been developed over the past 12 months and have been able to fish it a bit, I figured I would share my review. This thing has been through MANY iterations to get it dialed in and I’m super happy with where we’ve landed. I may be a little biased 🙂

First, this is not meant to be “another bladed jig.” This is a new patented design with a unique action and sound. Where a bladed jig gets its action from the blade rotating side to side on the Y-axis and its sound from the blade hitting the head of the jig, the Clickbait head rotates on the X-axis and gets its sound from the rattles on the wire arm. The action of the Clickbait is sort of like a hybrid between a scrounger head and a bladed jig.

The other thing that make this bait different is that the arm/blade design generally allows this bait to stay down in the water column a bit easier. This bait also has an incredibly unique action on the fall. Because the blade is in a fixed position when it falls nose-first the blade still swings and has an enticing wobble as it falls.

The Clickbait excels in open water and sparse grass. However, it does not perform as well in heavier grass due to the fixed position of the blade. If you are fishing heavy grass, a traditional bladed jig will come through much easier.

As far as trailers go, this thing is incredible with the 10,000 Fish Yoto Worm. The action of the tail is insane and it’s the perfect size for this bait. Overall we’re very excited about this one! Hope this was helpful.

To learn more about the Googan Squad Clickbait, Click Here.

To learn more about Ross Gordon and the Catch Co, Click Here.

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